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NGOs to Master Their Own Domains

Many if not most of today’s NGOs and nonprofits occupy the digital space by sharing their story and working for a cause through a .ORG website. As the longtime operator of the .ORG domain, it is always inspirational for us to meet face-to-face with the members of some of the amazing organizations currently using .ORG to advance their mission. Still, we recognize that the biggest issues that these groups seem to face are money, resources and sustainability. With that being said, we are delighted to present a new idea to these organizational members, an invaluable tool for NGOs and nonprofits across the world, that Public Interest Registry will soon make available: .NGO (.Non-governmental organization) and .ONG (the translated equivalent of .NGO for regions that speak romance languages) domains.

Expected to launch January 2015, .NGO/.ONG will be closed domains, accessible only for validated NGOs, and they will be offered as a bundle. Obtaining the .NGO/.ONG domains will also mean receiving access to our NGO Portal – an online community where NGOs can find and communicate with each other, donors, volunteers, and potential business partners. Think of it like “A Facebook for NGOs” that will feature profile pages and the ability to search for NGOs by name, cause or region.

Quick Q&A:

  1. I know .NGO is something my organization will want to utilize. What can I do now in preparation for the .NGO launch?
    Answer: You can go to www.ngotld.org for the latest news and updates about .NGO/.ONG, and subscribe to our newsletter. At ngotld.org, you can also submit a free and unbinding Expression of Interest (EOI) for the .NGO/.ONG web address you desire.
  2. I’m on a .ORG website right now. Do I need to switch from my .ORG if I want to buy .NGO/.ONG?
    Answer: We actually encourage NGOs to keep both web addresses. Here are a couple of reasons why:
  • To maintain brand equity. Since your organization has already invested in building a brand under .ORG, your supporters likely already recognize you as a .ORG, and we believe that there is great value to maintain and continue with this trusted recognition.
  • To increase brand awareness. Because .NGO/.ONG is a validated domain, it would be advantageous to use this extension to show the world that your organization is a validated NGO. When people see the extension to the right of the dot in your organization’s web address, it will be understood that you have undergone a vetting process to attain this; your integrity will not be questioned.
  • To secure your brand name. If another company or organization has a title that is similar to yours, it will be important to distinguish yourself and minimize confusion from the consumer perspective.
  • How much will .NGO/.ONG cost?
  • The price has not yet been finalized. Taking in the cost of building the NGO Portal, as well as the fact that .NGO/.ONG will be validated and sold as a bundle, we anticipate that these domains will be sold at a premium price.

As we get closer to the launch of .NGO/.ONG we will certainly provide more updates on accessibility and price, as well as the development of the NGO portal through our monthly NGO newsletter. To sign up for this newsletter, please visit www.ngotld.org.

Our ultimate goal is to reach as many NGOs across the globe as possible and bridge the gap between these groups, businesses and governments. Please, help us spread the word about .NGO/.ONG and share this guide.

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