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Nine things to know (and do) to increase online giving

By Elissa Everett, OneID
This post was originally posted on the OneID blog.

Lessons in online giving


Giving season is just around the corner – and you want to ensure you’re maximizing the opportunity.

Here are nine things you need to know about online giving and what to do about it.


1. Your donors want to give on the go. Did you know that mobile web traffic has surpassed web traffic from a computer? 

Make sure your forms are mobile responsive and work perfectly on mobile devices.

2. According to the 2014 M+R Benchmarks Report, online giving grew 14% from 2013-2014*, yet email list growth is declining overall.

Be sure your asks are targeted and direct. Make them count.

3. For every field you remove from your donation form, you should expect to see lift in conversion.

Stop asking for Title (Mr. Ms, etc.). Do you need the CVV? What else can you remove?

4. Complete as many fields as you can for your donors. The less they have to type, the more likely they are to complete their gift.

Can you pre-fill your form with data from your CRM?  At the very least, pre-fill email address.

5. Color and design does matter. So does imagery, font, and size.  Test. Test. Test

It’s easy today to test with tools like Optimize.ly or within your email campaign system.

6. Make the page load quickly. People are impatient.

No videos, no ads — nothing other than what a donor needs to complete their donation.

7. Capture the moment, but you need to nurture the relationship.

Yes – people give more during the holiday season, but you need to think beyond that gift. Create donor communication plans - and make sure that includes follow-up emails. Let supporters know what their money has helped you accomplish. 

8. Speaking of nurture –  put your donor in control of how often they hear from you.

Allow your donor to adjust what they receive from you – newsletters, advocacy, donation – and how frequently.   The list volume might go down, but the response rate will go up.

9. Say thank you.


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