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Nonprofit Campaign Spotlight: World Cup 2014

As the World Cup begins this week in Brazil, many fans will surely have their eye on both the sport and the spectacle surrounding the games. So let's take a deeper look at how one nonprofit (out of many) is leveraging online campaigning tools to mobilize a global audience.

But first, a little background: Soccer fans have probably heard this week that FIFA head, Sepp Blatter has been asked to step down amid allegations of corruption. But some watchers may have not known about the foul being called by Brazil’s local vendors and merchants against FIFA, the tournament’s full international governing body. One organization, Solidar Switzerland, is calling the fouls as they see them and demanding fair play.

The World Cup draws tens of thousands of fans, visitors and tourists. It would seem like local business would be booming, right? Wrong.

Thanks to FIFA's draconian regulations, most local street vendors are banned from selling around the stadiums in Brazil during the World Cup. Only a handful of local merchants and vendors are considered the lucky ones who’ve been granted licenses, while only FIFA's official sponsors – including heavyweights like Coke, Budweiser, and McDonald's – can sell their products inside the arena.

In response, Solidar Switzerland is fighting back. The organization recently created a campaign video where Sepp Blatter – well, actually the transposed head of Sepp Blatter on the body of a soccer player – sweeps across the field and fouls a street vendor holding a vendor tray, causing all of his belongings to fly through the air. The act is titled "The worst foul in 2014".

Solidar Switzerland worked with online campaign agency Kampaweb to define their online presence. The Solidar Switzerland site is fully responsive, and is therefore optimized for all devices, from smartphone, to tablet, to desktop computer.

Here's Solidar Switzerland's action page:

Solidar Switzerland World Cup action

The call-to-action has been answered by almost 16,000 people from 85 countries, in just 2 weeks! The website, which is built with Kampaweb's out-of-the-box solution KAMPATOOLS itself enables Solidar to create most Salsa actions natively - from petitions and protest mail to donation pages. Finally, take note of how visible the thermometer is to ensure supporters are aware of the campaign’s overall progress toward its GOOOAAALLL!

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