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5 Nonprofit Lobbying Techniques to Make your Legislator Love You More

Make Your Legislator Love You MoreOkay. So, you have a plan for an effective advocacy campaign. And you’re confident that you understand the rules of nonprofit lobbying. Here are some lobbying techniques that you can use to help your legislators support your cause.

Be Clear

When you’re crafting a default letter for your supporters or specific statement for your organization, make your message clear and direct.

Get to the point, and try to keep your statement to just a few paragraphs.

Highlight Benefits

How will your legislator benefit by supporting your position? Provide some details on why their support will not only help your organization and your supporters, but also the legislator’s constituents.

Have a Story

Whether you’re crafting a statement for your organization or encourage your supporters to take action, personal stories are more powerful and give your legislators (and their staff) something to really connect to.

Make It Easy

When you deliver messages en masse, printing a bunch of letters may be visually impactful, but make sure to include digital files for your full list, delivering not just pdfs of your letters but also a spreadsheet of the constituent’s names and addresses so that the legislator’s staff can easily record the actions.

Make It Personal

The more ways you can find to make a personal connection with a legislator while supporting your cause, the better.

If you don’t have a presence at the local level for a particular issue, consider inviting and training groups of local influencers who are more invested in the community and who will enthusiastically connect with their legislators directly.

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