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Nonprofit overhead debate

In a three-part TED talk series activist and fundraiser Dan Pallotta – founder of the AIDS Ride and the 3-day breast cancer walk – speaks about the double standard that exists regarding charities and overhead. Pallotta discusses the general populous’ opinion that charities should not spend their funds on marketing, fundraising, awareness, etc.; that as much as possible, all funds should go directly to the cause. Sure. That is great in theory. But the reality is how does a charity grow if no one is aware they exist?

Pallotta points out that charities are forced, under potential media scrutiny, to keep their expenses as low as possible. And, that too many nonprofits are rewarded for how little they spend — not for what they get done. Pallotta believes that as a generation of potential donors, we do not want our epitaph to read, “we kept charity overhead low. Rather, we changed the world.”

As a nonprofit, you are faced with the challenges Pallotta describes. So as you move into 2014, take a minute to check out his Ted talk and tweet us with your thoughts- @Salsalabs

As a nonprofit, you probably think that doing PR for your organization requires a dedicated staff member, or an extensive budget to hire an agency. But thanks to technology, you can engage in a PR campaign with the tools you are already using- your CRM, Facebook, Twitter and a few new free or low cost tools. This new white paper shows you how. Read Public Relations and Nonprofits: The Power of Technology

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