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Salsa Sync for Salesforce is, um, Dreamy

In honor of #Dreamforce week, we thought we’d celebrate our Salsa Sync for Salesforce application and treat you to a few more details. More than 60 organizations signed up to for our beta testing, and the initial beta groups are in full swing. We expect that the application will be generally available in November.

Keep reading to find out what you need to know about the Salsa Sync application and how it can work for you! (You know, when it’s available. I promise. Soon.)

Salsa Sync Infographic

Will the sync work with my version of Salesforce?

The Salsa Sync application was designed for flexibility and developed to work best “out of the box” with two standard Salesforce configurations: Enterprise and the Nonprofit Starter Pack. But if you use another configuration, the field matching and synchronization between platforms will be available for your use. You might just have to do a bit more “tweaking” of your Salesforce instance.

How does it work?

After setup, the sync will run nightly, matching contacts in Salesforce to supporters in Salsa based on email address. Records from Salesforce without email addresses will not be moved to Salsa, and you will be able to configure exactly which Contact Record Types should be synced.

Outside of supporter records, Opportunities can be synced to Donations; Campaigns can be synced to Groups, and; Campaigns can be synced from Salsa actions. There are also custom field mapping options, allowing you to sync specific Salesforce fields to preferred custom fields in Salsa.

Should I be using Salesforce?

If you want to use the Salsa Sync for Salesforce application, you will want to have both a Salsa account as well as Salesforce account.

If you’re not sure whether you want to use Salesforce, Idealware compiled this great report on  the many constituent relationship features and other types of applications and things to consider if you use Salesforce as a nonprofit.

Can you help me set up my Salesforce instance?

Because Salsa’s not a Salesforce shop, we’re really not your best option for this. There are a number of Salesforce certified consultants for you to explore, but we’re particularly fond of the team at KELL Partners. They designed the Salsa Sync for Salesforce application with us, and they excel at Salesforce consulting for nonprofits.

How long does the sync take to set up?

The initial download and setup configuration takes the most time, but it shouldn’t take longer than a few hours, total. It will be more complicated for those who are less familiar with Salesforce, but we will provide plenty of resources to get you started.

Once the sync is set up, it’s pretty much good to go. You can always modify your settings and test further after it’s kicked off.

Check out our infographic here and feel free to sign up for further information. We’ll be sending an email to all beta signups and interested individuals when the application is available.

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