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Skip Congress Webinar Blog

Sick and tired of Congress? Ready to try something different? State and local advocacy may be the answer. These levels of government are responsible for many issues that affect our daily lives and, often times, are much more accessible. Join us for the upcoming webinar, Skip Congress, Go Local, to get some insight into why it might be worth switching from a federal strategy.

Jake Patoski, Learning and Training Manager at Salsa and Andy Krakowski, Sales Director at RAP Index, Inc will show you how to run an effective advocacy campaign with state and local government. They will guide you through:

  • Why state and local governments matter for making change
  • How to approach local advocacy (and how it's different than federal)
  • Ways to craft your message to appeal to local leaders
  • Real life examples of how state and local advocacy has worked

Register for the webinar today and join us on February 26, 2014 at 2 p.m. EST.

Topics: Advocacy