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Social CRM Automations

by Po Linn Chia, Customer Engagement, Attentive.ly

Last month, Salsa rolled out our new Social CRM offering with Attentive.ly. Now, there’s a whole new feature called Social Automations- tools that revolutionize your ability to scale up highly personalized, multichannel communications with your contacts for dramatically improved response rates.

How It Works

One of your Salsa contacts mentions a “Watched Term” that you've set up. For example, "typhoon OR haiyan OR Philippines". Your Social Automation is triggered, doing any or all of the following in response. Automatically, without you lifting a finger:

  • Send a her personalized email (e.g. "Help us get aid to Haiyan victims today")
  • Follow her on Twitter (stepping up your level of engagement with that member)
  • Add her to a dynamic list in Salsa (haiyan_social or disaster_advocate)
  • Add her to an Attentive.ly group (for further targeting later)
  • Send a digest of posts to your social media manager for personal response

Social Automations can be applied to any Watched Term (saved search) that you create. Here is a breakdown of this new set of features:

Trigger Personalized Emails

Segmenting your email list based on interests and demographics has been shown to generate a 244% increase in email opens and a 330% increase in revenue per mailing. Yet most engagement managers feel too busy to continually do advanced list segmentation. Now you can let your list self-segment, pick messages to automate, set it and forget it.

Auto-update Groups

Filtering and targeting just got a lot easier. Now you can set Attentive.ly to automatically add contacts that mention a watched term to a group of your choosing. You can also send that list straight to your CRM.

Automate Social Engagement

Engaging your contacts on social media can take a lot of clicking. We want to make it easier on you. Now you can automatically follow contacts that have used a watched term and set up automated replies to them via email or Twitter DMs.

Get Daily Digests

What if you want to respond individually to posts? Or if you're doing research? No problem. You can get Attentive.ly to send you a daily digest of any watched term.

Watch a video walkthrough of these features.

Not sure where to start? Contact us and we'll help you get set up.

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