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Social Loves Email Webinar

By Jessica Seward, Marketing & Community Manager

Social media. Direct mail. Email. All great communication options, each with advantages and challenges. It seems like it should be easy to make all these elements work together when it comes to fundraising, right?  Maybe it is in theory, but the reality takes a little more work and planning. That’s where the upcoming webinar, Social Loves Email comes in handy. 

Roz Lemieux, CEO at Attentive.ly and partner at Fission Strategies, and Justin Perkins, Director of Nonprofit Services & Business Development at Care2 will team up to talk about how a simple, effective strategy for getting the most out of integrated email, social media, and multichannel marketing will pay off with your donor outreach. 

They’ll show you simple strategies and tools that will help you to:

  • recruit more donors and superactivists
  • raise more money more efficiently
  • save loads of time and budget
  • simplify your multi-channel integration
  • stretch your marketing efforts further

Register for the webinar today and join us on Thursday, January 23 at 2 p.m. EST. 

Want to get started connecting your social media and email campaigns right away? Request a trial of Salsa now.

Topics: Fundraising