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Social Media for Nonprofits New eBook

by Jessica Seward, Marketing & Community Manager, Salsa

Is it just me or is anyone else on email overload? I get tons of email every day and barely pay attention to any of them. I think that’s one reason that social media has taken over as one of the most widely used communications vehicles in today’s world. With social media, I can control what I see as well as the pace.

So as a nonprofit, social media can be a super valuable tool. And it’s free for the most part, which doesn’t hurt. But with so many social media channels available and limited time to invest in your outreach efforts, it’s hard to know where to start. Or where to spend your time if you’re already on social media.

Well, worry no more. It our traditional fashion, Salsa is here to help. In our never-ending quest to bring you educational resources, we’d like to introduce our newest ebook, The Essential Guide to Social Media for Nonprofits.

The ebook, co-written by Salsa’s very own social media manager, Tammy Sproule, provides you a primer for making effective decisions for your strategy whether you’re new to the social media space or looking to improve your existing presence. You’ll get practical tips that will get you closer to reaching your social media goals – and ultimately, your organization’s mission. Download your copy today.

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