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The Art of Social Listening

Today, Salsa released its newest white paper “Don’t be a Narcissistic Nonprofit: Be a Conversationalist” to help train more nonprofit leaders on the art of social listening. 

One of the most crucial elements to having a conversation is listening. So why not incorporate this skill into more of your online strategies? Social listening, specifically, is the process of identifying and accessing what’s being said about your organization on the Internet. While this term is most frequently used as it relates to social media, it technically applies to all content as it relates to your online presence.

Social listening (yes, especially on social media) gives great insight into your supporters. It helps you learn about their current interests, preferences, etc. So if you're really ready to open your ears and listen to your audience, download “Don’t be a Narcissistic Nonprofit: Be a Conversationalist” now.


Topics: Advocacy Fundraising Marketing