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The Give & Take of Offline and Online Fundraising Relationships

by Chapman Cubine Adams + Hussey (CCAH)

Marriage takes work, especially the marriage between offline and online fundraising. At CCAH (www.ccah.com; @CCAHdirect), we’ve earned our stripes as marriage counselors developing award-winning multichannel fundraising campaigns. Our success shows in the years of blissful results we’ve delivered for our clients.

But it hasn’t been easy – there’s a great deal of give and take required to ensure that offline and online efforts compliment one another. Luckily, we’ll be sharing our experiences and best practices during the Salsa Community Conference Oct. 9-10.

Shannon Miller from our Interactive Department will be part of a panel discussion on “The Marriage of Offline & Online: It's a Give & Take Relationship.” Participants will discuss the balance needed between online and offline efforts to deliver successful integrated campaigns. Shannon will draw from CCAH’s long history of creating and implementing multi-channel advocacy and fundraising campaigns to demonstrate that a closer relationship between online and offline lead to better outcomes. In addition to the panel participation, CCAH is proud to serve as a conference sponsor.

“The Marriage of Offline & Online: It's a Give & Take Relationship” will take place Oct. 9 at 11am. Join us for what will surely be an enlightening discussion!

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