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VIDEO: Email Isn't Dead! Best Practices in Email Engagement

This blog is a part of our recent series on nonprofit training.

We've all heard the rumors – "email is dying," "no one uses email anymore," "everyone is on social media."

Last week’s webinar "Email Isn’t as Sexy as It Used to Be But It Isn’t Dead Either" (#emailisntdead) hosted by The Nonprofit Times put those old tales to bed. Christine Schaefer of Salsa, and Marcy Rye of Wire Media, made a powerful case that email is not only surviving, but also thriving in an oftentimes cluttered and competitive space for audience attention.

And did we mention that this presentation is all done with a Monty Python theme as the backdrop?!

So if you’re searching for the Holy Grail in knowledge on email deliverability, A/B testing or general best practices for getting to higher engagement rates online, then this webinar’s for you.

Watch the full video, learn and try not to catch any “Spamalot” Transmitted Diseases!


Topics: Marketing