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Webinar - End-of-Year Fundraising: Campaigns that Work

Planning your end-of-year fundraising campaigns can be stressful. How do you put together just the right mix of emails, landing pages, social media outreach, and other tactics to raise a significant chunk of money from your supporters? There are a ton of strategies out there. Which will work for your organization?

We’ve got some ideas for you. Join us on September 25 at 2:00 PM for a webinar, End-of-Year Fundraising: Campaigns that Work, to learn:

  • Why matching emails to landing pages is key
  • How to utilize channels for the ask (email, social media your website, etc…)
  • How #GivingTuesday can boost your end-of-year campaign
  • Real-life examples of successful end-of-year fundraising campaigns

Join Christine Schaefer of Salsa, Allyson Goldsmith of National Organization for Women, and Colleen Hutchings of Environmental Working Group to learn how to get the most out of your end-of-year fundraising.

Christine Schaefer is the VP of Community & Marketing at Salsa. Having worked with organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Auburn Wesley Foundation, and Quilters Unlimited of Northern Virginia, she has a wide-view of the varied needs of nonprofits that helps her better build Salsa’s community. Her team shares her passion and is dedicated to helping nonprofits build their own community of support as well as connect with one another to share best practices.



Allyson Goldsmith

Allyson Goldsmith is the Online Communications Manager for the National Organization for Women. Allyson is committed to progressive causes. She has held previous positions at GlobalSolutions.org and RESULTS Educational Fund. This also led her to volunteer as the Food Security Campaign Coordinator for Americans for Informed Democracy and to serve on the Americans for Informed Democracy advisory board.



Colleen HutchingsColleen Hutchings is the Senior Director of Online Strategies and Development for Environmental Working Group. When not developing kick-ass email and online fundraising strategies, Colleen spends her free time as a professional dancer and choreographer.




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