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Who’s Doin It Right- LiveYourDream.Org

It’s been a little while, but we’re back with the next Who’s Doin It Right. This series shares some stellar examples of those using Salsa to make the most of their organizing efforts, working to build a base of support through fundraising, communication and advocacy. 

LiveYourDream.org was a brand new organization with some big goals. They wanted to create an online community where people from all walks of live could share their dreams and help less fortunate women and girls reach theirs.  The idea was that the website would allow organizers at Live Your Dream to do it all- receive donations, operate a store front, manage volunteer opportunities, create advocacy actions, capture contact information and communicate with new supporters. Oh yeah, and do it all with a very limited staff.

If there was ever a match made in Salsa heaven, this was it. With the Salsa platform and the dedication of organizer Alyssa Ketterer, Live Your Dream reached it’s first birthday with some pretty amazing stats- 25,000 supporters, 5,350 actions taken and $16,000 raised.

Here’s what made Live Your Dream really stand out to me (and the other folks here at Salsa)- they never miss a chance to take advantage of strategic education. From webinars to white papers to our annual community conference, they take every opportunity to learn. They aren’t afraid to pick up the phone and talk to support and ask lots of questions. This, combined with their awesome first-year success made them a natural choice to receive the 2013 Salsa All Star award and are a great example for nonprofits looking to do it all (with a little help from Salsa).

Learn more about how Live Your Dream took off running by reading the full case study.

Topics: Strategy Advocacy Fundraising