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Who’s Doin It Right- National Physicians Alliance

by Beth Johnson, Communication Manager, Salsa

Our Who’s Doin It Right series shares some stellar examples of those using Salsa to make the most of their organizing efforts, working to build a base of support through fundraising, communication and advocacy.

The National Physicians Alliance (NPA) is solid example of a nonprofit organization who’s doing exactly what we’ve been talking so much about lately- using scoring and segmenting to improve their relationships with their supporters. They started with a strong supporter list of 20,000 members, and a decent level of information about each of them, but no real way to compare the activity levels of members, or target them based on the actions they’d taken.

Enter Salsa’s scoring module. By assigning values to specific actions that supporters were taking, NPA was suddenly able to identify it’s most active super-supporters, and in contrast, their most in-active members. With that information in hand, they could begin developing even stronger relationships with the super-supporters, like asking them to volunteer or make a gift, and change their messaging towards inactive supporters with low-barrier asks, like signing a petition.

In addition, they could now segment their contact lists to send more targeted emails to their members. As we know, medical professionals often have busy schedules and NPA wanted to be sure they were only reaching out when they had content or action items that were of interest to specific supporters. By sending more targeted emails, they were able to improve their open rates, lower their unsubscribe rates and overall add more value to their relationships with supporters.

Time to learn more- read the full case study for all the details on how NPA used scoring to find success.

Topics: Strategy