Presented: February 3rd, 2021

"Improving Website Messaging to Raise More Dollars and Increase Awareness" Featuring: BCS Interactive & Salsa Labs

Improving Website Messaging to Raise More Dollars and Increase Awareness

As a nonprofit leader, you can be doing all the right things to draw attention to your cause, but if your website isn’t up to the task of converting those visitors into donors, supporters and volunteers, you could be missing out on big opportunities. How you greet visitors on your website or landing page can make all the difference between gaining a new donor or having them “bounce off,” never to return. In this webinar, Lou Kotsinis of BCS Interactive will guide you through creating a welcoming website experience that informs, guides and converts. Topics will include:

-Why proper home page communication and positioning is essential
-The three core principles of a great home/landing page experience
-Examples of excellent nonprofit home pages to inspire your efforts
-Mistakes and pitfalls to avoid when considering your own website home or landing page(s)
-Steps to assess and improve your website’s messaging, communication and user experience
-Tools and resources to build on your website’s success


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