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How nonprofit CRM software can drive growth

Boost staff efficiency processes

Customizable workflows, easy report building, and built-in best practice templates lead to a 35% increase in staff efficiency with Salsa's nonprofit CRM.

Deepen donor relationships

Never miss a chance to thank, recognize, or engage with donors. Use your nonprofit CRM system's donor profiles to track, engage and report anytime, on any device.

Accelerate fundraising growth

Drive fundraising ROI higher and hit your goals faster. Salsa nonprofit CRM users average 28% donation growth and 74% donor retention rates.


Explore the best CRM for nonprofits

Donor management

  • Rich donor profiles
  • Donation tracking
  • Direct mail fundraising
  • Reporting
  • More features and integrations!
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Digital marketing

  • Marketing automation
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Drag and drop sign up forms
  • Marketing dashboard analytics
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Online fundraising

  • Online donation forms
  • Automated gift acknowledgments
  • Online event registration
  • Secure payment processing
  • Fundraising dashboard analytics
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Online advocacy

  • Online petitions
  • Targeted actions
  • Social advocacy
  • Click to call advocacy
  • Advocacy dashboard analytics
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Peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising

  • Custom event pages
  • Personal/team fundraising pages
  • Built-in fundraiser coaching
  • Free P2P mobile fundraiser app
  • P2P dashboard analytics
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What is nonprofit CRM software?

CRM (Constituent Relationship Management) software helps nonprofits track, store, and analyze data to manage relathionships with their donors. At Salsa, we provide nonprofits with a more seamless fundraising experience by addressing all organizational needs within the same platform. Learn more with the clear and complete guide to nonprofit CRM software >


How will CRM software help my nonprofit?

Nonprofits can use their CRMs to improve their relationship-building with all types of constituents. If a constituent supports your organization and helps further your cause in any way, then they should be tracked in your system! In short, your nonprofit CRM is your organization's database of record.


How do I choose the best CRM for my nonprofit?

Choosing the right nonprofit CRM starts with asking the right questions to determine your priorities. Then you'll be ready to thoroughly research, see demonstrations of software platforms, then choose the right system that meets your needs, requirements, and budget. Get the nonprofit CRM selection checklist >


How is Salsa's nonprofit CRM different?

Salsa brings fundraising and data management together on one unified platform that was purpose-built for nonprofit teams. Our nonprofit CRM focuses on supporter engagement, providing you with automated marketing tools, intelligent reporting, and all the resources you need to grow your support base. Learn more about why Salsa is different >


What integrations will my nonprofit CRM need?

Your nonprofit CRM should be linked to your online fundraising efforts. Donor data captured from online fundraising platforms should automatically flow into your CRM, no manual entry required! Learn more about online fundraising software >


How can I ensure our CRM fits my nonprofit's needs?

CRM software for nonprofits should allow your organization to create custom fields to capture all the data you need. Plus, with comprehensive donor management tools and robust reporting, your nonprofit can build donor relationships with ease. Learn more about donor management >


What if I want to upgrade my nonprofit CRM?

The best CRM software should grow with your nonprofit. If your CRM no longer meets your needs, it may be time to choose a new provider. Comprehensive CRM software for nonprofits should offer an integrated fundraising suite to meet your complex needs. Compare Salsa CRM to other leading platforms >


Do I need both Salsa CRM and Salsa Engage?

It depends on you organizational needs. Salsa CRM is a centralized database for heavy development work. It includes robust reporting, donor and donation management, offline fundraising such as major gift cultivation, and direct mail fundraising. Salsa Engage is strictly for online fundraising, marketing, and advocacy.


What does a Nonprofit CRM system cost?

Pricing for Salsa Engage and Salsa CRM depends on the size of your contact database. You can request a custom pricing quote here >

Unify Your Online & Offline Fundraising with
Salsa Engage + Salsa CRM


Unify Your Online & Offline Fundraising with
Salsa Engage + Salsa CRM

  • Marketing Automation
  • Online Fundraising
  • Peer to Peer Fundraising
  • Online Event Registration
  • Rich Donor Profiles
  • Donation Tracking
  • Direct Mail Fundraising
  • Performance Dashboard

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Purpose Built Marketing Automation, Fundraising and Advocacy Software for Fundraising and Advocacy Nonprofits.

  • Bidirectional Data Integration
  • Frequent data synchronization
  • User-friendly configuration and setup
  • Works with all Salesforce’s standard versions and the Nonprofit Success Pack
  • No middleware or third-party platforms
  • Syncs directly with Salesforce’s native records like Contacts, Campaigns, and Opportunities
  • Automatically match and merge potential duplicates using Salesforce built-in Duplicate Matching rules, or manually control how the system merges contacts

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Loved by over 10,000 nonprofit users

By switching to Salsa Engage and Salsa CRM, we've been able to fully integrate our P2P Fundraising and our online fundraising with our database. This is a huge time saver. We've also been able to take advantage of features like honor/memorial giving and event management that we were unable to do before.

Debra Norman, Development Associate

The software is a great comprehensive marketing and CRM software solution designed for the smallest nonprofit or the largest. You can truly customize everything to fit a simple or complex process. We love Salsa and look forward to all the advancements coming! Fundraising Software Review
5 / 5

5 ways to maximize your nonprofit CRM

With the right nonprofit CRM, your organization can grow its constituency, set ambitious fundraising goals, and build stronger relationships with supporters. If you’re interested in learning how to get more from your CRM, check out our step-by-step guide:

1. Streamline fundraising software with your CRM.

Your fundraising CRM is at its best when it’s fully integrated with all your other fundraising software. To really get more from your CRM, you should choose a comprehensive product like Salsa CRM that comes with its own fundraising tools, Salsa Engage.

2. Cultivate donors with in-depth profiles.

Get more out of your fundraising CRM by maximizing the data in your donor profiles. Build rich profiles complete with contact information, relationships, interests, demographics, social media accounts, and other key information.

3. Segment constituents in your nonprofit CRM.

Leveraging your CRM to segment lists of your supporters will optimize your donor engagement strategy. Create lists of donors segmented by donation history, frequency of giving, affiliations, age, event attendance, and other relevant indicators.

4. Automate emails and communications.

Choose a CRM for nonprofits that offers effective communication automations. These include automated emails, social media posting tools, and more. Make use of scheduled posts and emails so your constituents never miss an update.

5. Generate reports with your nonprofit CRM.

Your fundraising CRM is only as illuminating as its reporting tools! Maximize the impact of your CRM’s data by measuring key metrics, querying your database, and customizing your dashboard to provide actionable insights.

Essential fundraising CRM data you should track

Biographical info

Store essential personal information like donors' names, preferred titles (Ms., Mr., Mrs., etc.), birthdays, and anything else you need to know to get acquainted.

Contact info

Manage important contact info for your nonprofit CRM inculding your donor’s phone number, addresses (both street and email), and social media accounts.

Donation history

Track your constituents’ donations with a record of each time they made a gift, the value of their contribution, and the campaign it benefitted.

Giving channels

Stay on top of which giving channels are most successful for your nonprofit with key giving data indicating who gives and how much through each channel.


Gain a deeper insight into who your supporters are by tracking their significant relationships. These can be professional affiliations, family ties, or other important associations.

Communication history

In your nonprofit CRM, record each past communication with constituents, including the date you connected, when, on which channel, and any insights you gained.

Fundraising CRM pro tip: customize your database

Get more from what your nonprofit CRM has to offer by creating custom fields and notes to capture in-depth interactions and data. Your constituency is unique, so why not tailor your CRM so you can learn everything you need to know?

Want to learn more about managing constituents with Salsa?

Download our nonprofit CRM selection guide to make sure the software you choose checks the right boxes.Get your nonprofit CRM selection cheat sheet

As you research, shop, and assess nonprofit CRM software, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Use this cheat sheet to keep track of the features and functionalities that are most important to your organization!

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