Online Fundraising Tour

Online Donation Forms

  • Donation Form Builder

    01 | Customize Donation Amounts

    Building your donation forms is incredibly easy with drag-and-drop functionality. Customize the suggested donation amounts and button styles. Offer recurring, one-time, and processing fee coverage options.

  • Donation Form Builder

    02 | Multi-Step or Single Step

    Create multi-step or single step forms. Customize the page structure and content elements and configure your form to capture any standard or custom field information.

  • Donation Form Builder

    03 | Secure Payment Processing

    Accept all credit card types, process echecks, and also handle “in memory of” or “in honor of” gifts. Process everything securely with AI-protected donation pages.

  • Donation Form Publishing

    01 | Brand Your Donation Pages

    Donations made on branded donation pages built are on average 38% larger than contributions made through generic pages like Paypal! Easily design a theme that matches your brand.

  • Donation Form Publishing

    02 | Publishing Your Page

    Copy and paste donation form code into your website page or simply link your "Donate Now" button to an externally hosted form. Either way, you're in control!

  • Donation Form Publishing

    03 | Preview Mode

    Before publishing, preview how your fundraising form and confirmation pages will look on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices! Everything in Salsa Engage is pre-built to be mobile responsive.

  • Donation Form Publishing

    04 | Gift Acknowledgment

    Thanking donors is the first step to retaining them! Salsa Engage automatically generates a donation receipt and you can customize the autoresponder message.

  • Fundraising Analytics

    01 | Page Level Insights

    For metrics on specific donation forms, you can see a breakdown of total donations by one-time v. recurring donors and donation amounts by first time v. recurring donors.

  • Fundraising Analytics

    02 | Page Level Insights

    For each form, analyze traffic and conversions by source, and see which devices your supporters are using to visit your page and to donate.

  • Fundraising Analytics

    03 | Overall Insights

    Visualize total funds raised by donor type, donation type, and average donation amount on a monthly, quarterly, annually and overall basis.

  • Fundraising Analytics

    04 | Overall Insights

    See total donations year-over-year and a breakdown of average gift size. Track top performing fundraising forms by dollars raised and conversion rate.

  • Toys for Tots Example

    Recurring Donations

    Marine Toys for Tots Foundation uses a single step donation form with a pre-checked recurring donation option.

  • SCAN Example

    02 | Multi-Step

    Save the Children Action Network created a multi-step fundraising form with strong imagery.

  • PKD Foundation Example

    03 | Fee Coverage

    PKD Foundation has a single step donation form with an optional check box enabling donors to cover credit card processing fees.

  • CTFK Example

    04 | Custom Donation Amount

    Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids uses a multi-step fundraising form with a donate monthly option and a very prominent custom donation amount (other) field.

  • ABC Example

    05 | Suggested Donations

    American Bird Conservancy offers higher suggested donation amounts than most, featuring a $500 and $1,000 donation.

List Growth / Segmentation

  • Groups

    01 | Segmentation

    Segmenting your database into groups is essential to personalizing interactions you have with your supporters online.

  • Groups

    02 | Custom Groups

    Every organization has unique targeting strategies, so Salsa Engage gives you the ability to create custom dynamic groups.

  • Groups

    03 | Custom Queries

    Use the robust query tool to build smart groups that get populated dynamically based on supporter standard or custom fields or supporter behavior.

  • Groups

    04 | Pre-Built Groups

    With 16 pre-built groups, it's easy to identify donors, advocates, subscribers, and others who should be cultivated with relevant content and personalized asks.

  • Groups

    05 | CRM Groups

    If you use both Salsa Engage and Salsa CRM, you can build groups of offline donors in CRM and push those groups to Engage for online engagement.

  • Import/Export

    01 | Import CSV

    Add new supporters into Salsa Engage with the import tool.

  • Import/Export

    02 | Import Mapping

    Map fields on your spreadsheet to fields inside of Salsa Engage.

  • Import/Export

    03 | Import DeDup

    Before importing, choose how you want to handle duplicate records.

  • Import/Export

    04 | Export Query

    Use your query tool to build the group you need to export.

  • Import/Export

    05 | Export Scheduling

    Run your export immediately or schedule it to run at a later date.


  • Marketing Automation

    01 | Email Series

    Email series are multi-step, triggered workflows in response to supporters' interactions with your organization. Precisely trigger the right message, to the right person, at the right time!

  • Marketing Automation

    02 | Trigger Criteria

    Choose the enrollment and exit triggers for your email series such as signing a petition, surpassing a donation threshhold, donating on your #GivingTuesday form, etc...

  • Email Optimization

    01 | A/B Testing

    Test multiple versions of an email with small segments, such as different subject lines, email content, links, or call to actions. Then, Salsa Engage automatically sends the winning version to the majority of the group.

  • Email Optimization

    02 | Insights

    Get metrics on specific newsletters or email appeals. See how your open, click, conversion and unsubscribe rates compare to industry averages, and see which devices your recipients use to engage with your emails.


Event Fundraising

  • Setup and Ticketing

    01 | Event Setup

    Your fundraising events start here. Kick things off by adding event details such as date and time.

  • Setup and Ticketing

    02 | Event Tracking

    Continue by adding event location and choosing how you'll assign and track event funds raised in Salsa CRM.

  • Setup and Ticketing

    03 | Ticket Configuration

    Configure your tickets including cost, attendees per ticket, and other event sign up parameters. Make optional purchases available for certain registrations levels.

  • Setup and Ticketing

    04 | Ticket Form

    Add in standard contact fields and custom questions to your event ticket sign up form.

  • Event Pages

    01 | Main Event Page

    Everything you configured in event and ticket setup shows up on your event landing pages. Here, participants can register, donate, and learn more information about the event.

  • Event Pages

    02 | Ticketing Page

    Event participants can choose tickets and quantity.

  • Event Pages

    03 | Payment Page

    On the event payment page, participants can pay for their tickets and optionally contribute an additional donation to your organization.

  • Event Pages

    04 | Confirmation

    Upon completing their event registration, participants will be directed to a confirmation page where they can share the event on social. They'll also receive a summary email.

  • Event Analytics

    01 | Event Specific Insights

    Inside of each individual event form, you can dive into the details and discover how web visitors are getting to your page and what type of tickets they are purchasing.

  • Event Analytics

    02 | Overall Insights

    It’s easy to see how much money you’ve raised overall from ticket sales v. donations and you can also see how many new supporters have signed up through your registration forms.

  • Artemis Center Example

    01 | Customizable Event Page

    Artemis Center's Mardi Gras event landing page contains event information and links to register, donate, and sponsor the event. Three ticket options are available.

  • NLSA Example

    02 | Multi-Step Form

    North Shore Land Alliance uses a multi-step event sign up form to drive registrations for their 2018 Walks in the Woods. Registrants can sign up for multiple events.

  • WCA Eample

    03 | Free Tickets

    Westchester Children's Association hosted a child advocacy learning event. This simple event form was used to drive issue awareness and the tickets were free.

Peer to Peer

  • Setup and Registration

    Peer to Peer Configuration

    Your peer to peer fundraising campaign starts with choosing your settings. Is this a DIY campaign or a run/walk/ride event? Will teams be involved or just individuals? What are the campaign fundraising goals?

  • Fundraising Pages

    01 | Event Pages

    Using the drag-and-drop content editor, build your peer to peer campaign page with ease! Add links to donate, register and include thermometers and leaderboards.

  • Fundraising Pages

    02 | Personal Pages

    Individual fundraisers can customize their personal fundraising pages with text and images while using your organization's pre-set campaign theme.

  • Fundraising Pages

    03 | Team Pages

    Team pages can be customized by team captains. They contain progress to goal thermometers and individual fundraiser leaderboards to fuel the competition.

  • Fundraising Pages

    04 | Mobile App

    Using the FREE mobile app available on iTunes and Google Play, fundraisers can check their progress, receive donation notifications, ask for support, and thank donors.

  • Motivate Fundraisers

    Autoresponders and Coaching

    Guide your individual fundraisers and teams from start to finish with automated coaching emails that help them overcome fear of fundraising and motivate them toward their fundraising goals.

  • Peer to Peer Analytics

    01 | Campaign Insights

    For each peer to peer campaign, you can uncover insights into your top fundraisers and teams are. You can also gain insights into average gift size and average total raised based on if individuals are part of a team or not.

  • Peer to Peer Analytics

    02 | Page Insights

    Peer to peer page level metrics reveal how many people are coming to your campaign event page and signing up to be a part of the campaign or registering for an event.

  • AAMDSIF Example

    01 | Campaign Page

    Peer to peer fundraising success starts here! Easily customizable campaign page is the hub of this March for Marrow 5K Run & Walk.

  • AAMDSIF Example

    02 | Individual Leaderboard

    The main peer to peer campaign page highlights the top individual fundraisers and allows visitors to search and find team and individual pages.

  • AAMDSIF Example

    03 | Team Leaderboard

    The main peer to peer campaign page highlights the top fundraising teams.

  • Client Example

    04 | Personal Fundraising Page

    Individuals can tell their story of why they are raising money for your cause.

  • AAMDSIF Example

    05 | Team Fundraising Page

    Fundraising thermometer tracks team progress.

  • AAMDSIF Example

    06 | Team Member Leaderboard

    Fuel competition with team specific leaderboards.

Salsa Thrive

Salsa's client success hub, THRIVE, surrounds you and your team with the training, coaching, and support you need to maximize your online and offline fundraising performance.

  • Salsa ScholarsSalsa Scholars

    You're investing in Salsa, and we're investing in you! The Salsa Scholars eLearning platform contains self-paced, instructor-led tutorials and activities that will help you master the basics and conquer the most advanced capabilities of Salsa Engage and Salsa CRM.

  • Smart StartSmart Start

    Smart Start Fundraising helps brand new users combine online engagement best practices with the functionality of the Salsa Engage platform. 1-on-1 coaching calls and instructor-led guidance will help you build your first newsletter, email appeal, and welcome series.

  • Salsa SupportSalsa Support

    In-app tips and a rich knowledgebase empowers you to learn, troubleshoot and grow on your own. Plus, from 8AM to 8PM ET Monday through Friday, you'll have email and phone access to a support team obsessed with helping you succeed.

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