Personal/Team Pages

Easy to Start FundRaising Pages for Individuals


The campaign manager is able to set the look and feel for the event page, the team pages, and the fundraiser pages with the same easy to use WYSIWYG editor used for all Salsa Engage forms and emails. P2P events can be put up literally in a matter of minutes.

Track Teams and Individual Pages and Event Registrants

IndividualTeam Dashboard.png

See Where Pages Views And Conversions Are Coming From

Team Page Views.png

Compare Averages for Individuals v. Team Members

Team V Non Team.png

Dashboard to Track Success of P2P Campaigns

P2P Dashboard 2.png

Over 3,000 nonprofits across the globe use Salsa to engage and change the world. Join them today!

Increase in Donor Retention
Increase in Donation Growth
Increase in Donor Growth
Average year-over-year performance of Salsa nonprofit users.

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