A successful digital advertising strategy is critical for nonprofit organizations at any time of year - from building audiences of engaged supporters, to activating those supporters to make impactful actions that move missions forward. It is especially critical at year-end, when running effective and efficient advertising campaigns can give you the very best chance at achieving your marketing and fundraising goals. 

While media planning is not a perfect science, we have a tried and true recipe to follow to bring you a step closer to achieving your goals. During this webinar, we will walk through:

  • How to set campaign goals and choose platforms that will help you achieve those goals

  • Best practices for campaign optimization, testing, and measurement

  • How to incorporate digital advertising into your year-end plan

All registrants for this webinar will receive a media planning checklist to help you be successful with your next digital campaign, whether that’s year-end 2019 or looking ahead to 2020.


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