American Bird Conservancy acquires 21,000 additional subscribers with Salsa Engage and OptinMonster integration using Zapier

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American Bird Conservancy

About the American Bird Conservancy

The American Bird Conservancy (ABC) is a 25-year-old organization dedicated to the conservation of native birds and their habitats throughout the Americas.   ABC works to halt extinctions, protect habitats, eliminate threats, and build capacity for bird conservation. The ABC team is proud to be known as a fearless organization that has shown real results - taking on the toughest challenges facing birds, from free-roaming cats to pesticides.


Campaign Highlight

Salsa Engage + OptinMonster Integration via Zapier yields 21,000 additional subscribers!

The American Bird Conservancy (ABC) implemented OptinMonster in early 2019 in an effort to capture email sign-ups from website visitors who were leaving the site without signing up.  In just over a year they saw a 10-fold increase in subscribers, capturing information from over 21,000 website visitors.

Initially, supporter information entered through OptinMonster was sent to a Google Sheet via a Zapier integration.  The information from that spreadsheet was then manually imported into Salsa Engage. Not only was this extremely time-consuming, but supporter welcome emails were delayed and subscribers would sometimes miss the upcoming scheduled email communication.  

ABC is now able to take advantage of the new Salsa Engage Zapier integration, which moves OptinMonster data directly into Salsa Engage.  As a result, subscribers receive immediate welcome emails and the ABC staff is able to spend their time on more important tasks!

Additional Salsa Benefits

In the past, a number of the shelter’s potential donors were confused by the Paypal link and concerned when they were taken off of the organization’s website to make their donation. The organization has seen their website bounce rate drop on fundraising pages since implementing Salsa.

The integration that Salsa has with QuickBooks also saves a lot of time for the shelter staff and ensures that donation amounts get recorded quickly and correctly.

Joe Lowe, ABC's Digital Communications Director, says:

Connecting Salsa Engage with OptinMonster through Zapier had an immediate impact on our ability to respond to new supporters.  Instead of manually moving new supporter data over to Engage, supporters now receive automatic welcome emails as soon as they sign up.  This has saved us a lot of time and ensures that our new supporters are getting the information they want right away!

What's Next?

Lowe and the ABC team are now setting up a  Zapier integration between Salsa Engage and Survey Monkey.   The survey they are using is designed to allow ABC to better understand the interests and needs of each supporter.  This information will be automatically stored in the supporter's record in Salsa Engage and used to create specifically targeted communications.  In addition to tailoring email communications for specific groups of supporters, ABC will be able to target their advocacy efforts by matching targeted action requests with a supporter's specific interests.

Be sure to check out the American Bird Conservancy website.  We love the work they do - and the beautiful bird photos!