ACPMP exceeds their goal by over 71% with their Biking for the Belly event.

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The ACPMP Research Foundation was founded in 2008 by a community of individuals affected by Pseudomyxoma Peritonei (PMP), Appendix Cancer, and related Peritoneal Surface Malignancies (PSM).

The foundation is dedicated to:

  • Funding research to find a cure for PMP, Appendix Cancer, and related Peritoneal Surface Malignancies.
  • Funding educational programs to educate physicians and patients about these diseases.

The ACPMP Research Foundation funds research, holds frequent educational sessions, provides scholarships to physicians to attend relevant medical conferences, and has supporters all over the country holding fundraising events for their cause!

Salsa client since: 2009

All funds raised by this organization from Day 1 has been through Salsa!  Today, ACPMP uses Salsa CRM and Salsa Engage.

Client Highlight

Peer-to-Peer Campaigns

Susan Ortega, the organization's Director of IT, told Salsa that Biking for the Belly was one of their most successful events, raising nearly $60k and 171% of goal. Family and friends (ACPMP Supporters) worked together to organize the event and recruit teams, prizes and sponsors through Engage P2P, while ACPMP customized and updated the P2P event site throughout the evolution of the event.

The ACPMP Research Foundation uses Salsa CRM to track all of their donor activity, but it is the Peer-to-Peer module where they are truly “super users.”   Susan Ortega says she especially appreciates the flexibility of the page design tool, and that “Salsa has made it easy to create visually engaging fundraising websites.”  Susan can also create team pages and individual pages to allow for different types of events, including on-going tribute pages and one-time events, such as walk-a-thons.

Peer-to-Peer functionality is important to ACPMP, not only because of the events they run internally, but because so much of their fundraising is done on their behalf by supporters all over the country.  When the organization works with a group who is creating a fundraising event for them, Susan is able to set up a Peer-to-Peer campaign designed specifically for the event. The fundraising groups really like having a tool they can use that is designed specifically for P2P events.  The fundraisers can spend their time running the event, and get access to a tool that makes the fundraising part simple.

Additional Salsa Benefits

Susan told us that it is quick and easy to find all transaction history for their donors in one place.  She also appreciates Salsa’s robust library of online resources that make is easy to find and learn what she and her team need to know - along with help desk that is “always friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive.”  Susan also appreciates that Salsa is constantly improving their platforms and encourages enhancement requests from customers.

Susan Ortega, the organization’s Director of IT, says:

Salsa has made it easy to create visually engaging fundraising pages. 

What's Next?

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