Alliance for Justice sees a 200% increase in End of Year giving after upgrading to Salsa Engage

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About the Alliance for Justice

Alliance for Justice (AFJ) is a national association of over 120 organizations, representing a broad array of groups committed to progressive values and the creation of an equitable, just, and free society.  Since 1979 AFJ has been the leader in advocating for a fair and independent justice system, preserving access to the courts, and empowering others to stand up and fight for their causes.

Salsa client since: 2013

Alliance for Justice had been using the Salsa "Classic" system for almost 6 years when they decided that they had outgrown the system in the summer of 2019. They considered other applications, but discovered that they could move to Salsa's new marketing automation platform, Salsa Engage, and get all of the features they needed without switching software vendors.

Alliance for Justice

Campaign Highlight

200% Increase in End of Year giving after Salsa Classic to Engage upgrade

According to Heather Burke, Web Manager, AFJ saw a 200% increase in end-of-year online giving in 2019 after implementing Salsa Engage.  The new Engage system and a project to clean up their list data both contributed to this success.

Managing Events in Salsa Engage

The ability to manage event registration was also important to AFJ - and Salsa Engage provided them with significantly more capability than Salsa Classic. Heather says that Engage provides a much more robust platform with everything in one place and a good user experience. AFJ now manages registration for their many training and fundraising events through Salsa Engage.

Advice for Salsa Classic Users considering an upgrade

"Do it!" says Heather Burke. She advises that you take the time to fully understand and define the data you have in Classic before moving everything to Engage. She also encourages Salsa users to take advantage of the great team at Salsa, which Heather says was very thorough and willing to let her learn through hands-on experience during the conversion.

If you are a nonprofit, be sure to check out the services that Alliance for Justice provides - along with their frequent events that include public webinars and Bolder Advocacy program resources! 

Additional Salsa Benefits

In the past, a number of the shelter’s potential donors were confused by the Paypal link and concerned when they were taken off of the organization’s website to make their donation. The organization has seen their website bounce rate drop on fundraising pages since implementing Salsa.

The integration that Salsa has with QuickBooks also saves a lot of time for the shelter staff and ensures that donation amounts get recorded quickly and correctly.

Heather Burke, Web Manager, says:

Engage gives us so many great templates and designs that we were able to move to easily when setting up emails and forms for our website. That really helps to create a more seamless user experience.

What's Next?

Lowe and the ABC team are now setting up a  Zapier integration between Salsa Engage and Survey Monkey.   The survey they are using is designed to allow ABC to better understand the interests and needs of each supporter.  This information will be automatically stored in the supporter's record in Salsa Engage and used to create specifically targeted communications.  In addition to tailoring email communications for specific groups of supporters, ABC will be able to target their advocacy efforts by matching targeted action requests with a supporter's specific interests.

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