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Aid for Africa Unifies Systems, Simplifies Donations and Increases Donor Gifts with Salsa


Photo: Boma Fund

Challenges Like Yours

Uniting 85 organizations under one umbrella to focus on the individual needs and communities in Sub-Saharan Africa makes for a strong impact, but with so many members, Aid for Africa needed a way to unite lots of supporter information and process donations more efficiently. They sought a new system to:

  • Improve the conversion rates of visitors to donors on fundraising web pages
  • Simplify the donation process to encourage more giving
  • Implement a central database to capture supporter information from multiple members
  • Develop a supporter base beyond traditional work-place giving programs

Strategy for Success

Aid for Africa chose Salsa to make the necessary changes to their online systems without being charged for each individual member organization. The results overhauled their system by allowing them to:

  • Consolidate multiple databases from member organizations into one place
  • Create unique donation pages for each of the member organizations while still tracking information in the larger database
  • Establish a system of trigger emails, reducing duplicitous administrative efforts between the members and Aid for Africa’s central office
  • Use reports and tracking to get a snapshot of their donors and develop better relationships

Lessons Learned

  • Make the donation process as easy as possible for the end-user to help with converting site visitors to donors
  • Don’t be afraid to test your theories about why a particular program or action is working and take advantage of technology opportunities to improve it
  • Account for supporter demographic details in your technology and website design, like having a significant international supporter base
  • Create a strong online presence to make your organization easy to find by new potential supporters