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Bikes for the World, Connecting Communities Across the Globe


Challenges Like Yours

When your organization’s name says “world” in it, you likely have special challenges with communication and growing support. With collection drives across the U.S. and partnerships in impoverished countries around the globe, Bikes for the World faces obstacles with communicating effectively across a wide distribution area, with challenges including:

  • Reaching, segmenting and growing a list of more than 2,400 volunteers and donors
  • Spreading the word about upcoming events quickly and effectively
  • Employing social media to reach new supporters and keep existing ones engaged
  • Monitoring effectiveness of communication outreach

Strategy for Success

Bikes for the World is successful largely due to its strong community ties and grassroots efforts. So, they have integrated the Salsa platform into their outreach plan to improve communication efforts and ultimately, are growing the organization and its support base by:

  • Making the most of Salsa’s email and marketing outreach features to send interesting and timely emails
  • Spreading the word about upcoming events through online action alerts
  • Adding social sharing features to emails and actively engaging with supporters on Facebook and YouTube
  • Reviewing reports of open rates, bounces, click-throughs and conversion rates to regularly tweak messaging

Lessons Learned

  • Web-based email marketing features allow easy targeting of supporters, particularly when they include a variety of partners, volunteers and donors
  • Maximizing online communication outreach tools helps bridge wide geographic gaps between organizers and supporters
  • Videos have a powerful impact on potential supporters and are worth the time and effort to create and share on social media
  • Partnering with local merchants and offering incentives can lead to big results
  • Taking advantage of the Salsa community online including strategic advice & training may help grow the base of support faster