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Briscoe Western Art Museum

After nine years spent renovating a historic building, establishing a membership base, planning, and preparing, the newly minted Briscoe Western Art Museum opened to the public in October of 2013. In the years leading up to the launch, the Briscoe staff was using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to track their development data, which they found to be inflexible and limiting.

Overwhelmed with paperwork and with the Museum opening shortly, Briscoe leadership knew it was time to explore donor management software. In the summer of 2013, they chose Salsa (Formerly DonorPro).


The Challenge:

Inability to Segment & Track Members/Donors

The five-person museum staff was finding it difficult to handle all the membership and donor data coming in even before the museum opened to the public. When they hired Lauren Shultz, Membership Associate, one of her main tasks was to find and implement fundraising software that could assist the organization without consuming countless valuable hours. “It was becoming impossible to capture everything and run reports. Keeping track of paper trails was overwhelming,” says Shultz.

With full support from the team, Shultz surveyed the vast market of donor management software, keeping several key requirements in mind.

The platform needed to be scalable. With the potential for huge growth upon launch and new employees coming on board, they knew the system had to be able to grow with them and while remaining easy-to-use. The other non-negotiable requirement was having a merchant services account that fully integrated with the donor database and could process donations at the multiple events they were planning.

"It was becoming impossible to capture everything and run reports. Keeping track of paper trails was overwhelming.

The Solution:

Customer Service

Since choosing Salsa, the development team has found it to be extremely easy-to-use. They quickly loaded all existing data, previous donations, and pledges into Salsa and leaned on Salsa's Customer Care Team for ongoing training and support.

Shultz added, “What I love about Salsa is how helpful the help desk team has been. I’ve never had a bad experience and everyone is always considerate and determined to help me solve issues that come up in my job each week.”

Membership Management

Briscoe now uses Salsa CRM for their entire Membership Management process, starting with the online form on their website landing page. After being processed online, this donor data funnels directly into their Salsa CRM database.

From entering donations, to segmenting lists, to capturing newsletter sign-ups in forms or tracking supporters of all kinds, the customizability has been greatly beneficial.


At a recent annual fundraiser, Briscoe used Salsa for the art auction that was central to the evening’s festivities. With multiple computers, staffers, and free credit card swipers, they were able to process everything seamlessly.

Shultz added, “We were really impressed with how fast checkout was. We had no issues at all. It was perfect."