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Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids Switches from Convio for More Personalized Service


Photo: Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids/www.tobaccofreekids.org

Challenges Like Yours

The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (CTFK) supports a wide range of advocacy issues related to the fight against tobacco use at the local, state, national and international levels. To do so, CTFK needed technology that allowed them to:

  • Manage multiple campaign efforts at the same time
  • Streamline supporter data for their diverse and ever-growing grassroots base
  • Customize their tools to enable attention-grabbing campaigns without additional costs
  • Be supported with friendly but experienced client services team

Strategy for Success

After working with Convio, CFTK sought a new organizing platform that could meet their technology needs and provide more personalized service, without the burden of hidden costs and additional fees. Making the switch to Salsa gave them:

  • A seamless transition of more than three million fields of data, plus supporter records and historical financial data stored all in one place
  • The ability to create a new email series to reach supporters, complete with new queries and groups for better targeting
  • Multiple staff members who work within the system, thanks to the easy-to-use platform
  • A relationship with a consistent client services team, willing to answer questions and provide outside-the-box support

Lessons Learned

  • Make a plan for the transition of data and share it with all parties involved to ensure a smooth change over
  • Develop online forms for taking action and making donations that are easy for supporters to navigate and complete
  • Be willing to ask questions of your support team, even if it seems to be an unconventional way of using the technology
  • Investigate the cost of additional services prior to choosing a platform to avoid hidden fees later on