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Earth Day Network- A Billion Acts of Green 2.0 with the Help of Salsa


Day Network/earthday.org

Challenges Like Yours

After Earth Day Network (EDN) completed their successful Billion Acts of Green campaign, they decided they weren’t done yet and launched their Billion Actions of Green 2.0 campaign. This time, they wanted to focus their supporters’ acts on specific environmental problems and knew they needed to. This meant they needed to evaluate their organizing technology to ensure they could:

  • Streamline the process for supporters to pledge an act of green or make a donation
  • Simplify the process for supporters report completing an act of green
  • Promote acts that fit into one of four sub-campaign categories
  • Visually count the green acts committed in real time

Strategy for Success

EDN had been using Salsa since 2007, but had not connected their Salsa database with their Drupal website. Full integration allowed them to:

  • Create a more efficient way of managing operations by streamlining technology and making the user experience more simplistic
  • Create online donation pages and effectively manage fundraising data
  • Analyze and organize supporters to make better use of campaign engagement and develop lasting relationships
  • Incorporate a third-party application, like Salsa partner New Signature, allowing the implementation of a real-time counter on the homepage of their website

Lessons Learned

  • Establish reporting and tracking processes prior to the launch of any campaign to be able to evaluate the success of the campaign both in terms of results and the user experience of participants
  • After the conclusion of a successful campaign, think about what you can do to keep the momentum going and supporters engaged
  • Use case studies and talk to other organizations about how they are running campaigns similar to yours. Don’t be afraid to borrow ideas from their successful models
  • Maximize your technology by using one of Salsa’s partners to help achieve your goals