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General Board of Church and Society Uses Salsa to Clean Data and Better Target Supporters


Photo: General Board of Church and Society/www.umc-gbcs.org

Challenges Like Yours

The General Board of Church and Society (GBCS) serves not only as an official program agency of the United Methodist Church, but it also works to cultivate activists to work for social good, and to further grow the church as a whole. To do this, they needed clean, easy to analyze data allowing them to:

  • Find and delete duplicate supporter records
  • Integrate all of their lists- both in-house and third party
  • Send action alerts or emails in a streamlined manner
  • Use their technology to support out-of-the-box thinking

Strategy for Success

In the quest to find technology that would meet all of their needs, GBCS knew they needed to migrate away from their current relationship with Blackbaud’s Kintera. By utilizing Salsa’s communicationadvocacy and supporter management tools, GBCS is now able to:

  • Remove duplicate records, creating a cleaner and more responsive database
  • Review reports to learn more about supporters, their interests and how to engage them
  • Establish creative messaging and proper targeting of supporters
  • Reach out to strong customer support reps to help them with their innovative ideas and third party plug-ins

Lessons Learned

  • Clean data is key to growth! The better the data, the more efficient you can be in using it to make big decisions.
  • Technology should be an asset, not a burden. If it’s draining staff time and resources, it’s probably not the right fit.
  • Allowing staff to more easily access supporter information leads to better messaging and steady list growth.
  • Use reporting to look at supporters from all angles; communication response, advocacy engagement and donations made, to find where each group of supporters places the most value and reach them successfully.