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Genesis of Pittsburgh

Four years after internal talks about updating their website began, Genesis of Pittsburgh tapped Salsa Labs (Formerly DonorPro) to build a new responsive design website that they hoped would connect them with more clients and further engage donors.

The admittedly 'slow-changing' organization had been struggling with a tired logo, a site that couldn't accept gifts, and web visitors who were lost in a sea of confusion upon entrance. Realizing the urgent need to reach a rapidly changing world with a modern online presence, the President of the Board at Genesis decided she would take things into her own hands and look to Salsa to be her partner. 


The Challenge:

Confusing Website | No Online Gifts

As an integral part of the Pittsburgh community for the past four decades, Genesis of Pittsburgh had relied on grants, fundraising events, and a handful of generous donors to grow the organization. Joan Joson had been an active supporter and board member for several years before taking over as President of the Board in 2013.

With a business background and a handful of nonprofit seminars under her belt, Joan realized Genesis of Pittsburgh needed to evolve their web presence, and they needed to do it fast. "We weren't able to do online donations and there was nothing on the old website that drew anybody in. Plus, we were embarassed to tell people to visit our website!" Joson said.

The previous Genesis site was difficult to navigate, was not linked with social media, and was filled with content that didn't flow together. In short, their website was hurting the perception of the organization. It was clear that in order to reach new clients and turn visitors into volunteers and donors, they had to include content that appealed to both. Joan began investigating web design and branding firms, but soon realized that they needed more than just a site. For the new website to make a difference long-term, they needed to create an integrated online experience.

"We weren't able to do online donations and there was nothing on the old website that drew anybody in. Plus, we were embarassed to tell people to visit our website!

The Solution:

Web Design

Salsa built a responsive design website that seamlessly resizes the web page based on the device being used by the web visitor (mobile,tablet,desktop). This was highly important for Genesis of Pittsburgh because of the distinct demographic groups they were trying to reach.

Their clients are primarily younger women who are more likely to use their mobile phones to search for assistance and care, while prospects and donors were more likely to be on their desktops during working hours and on their tablets after business hours.

Content Management System

Salsa built the back end of the Genesis website on their new Content Management System and trained Joan on how to edit content, swap photos, add video and take full control over edits, updates, and new website content.

Joan said, "The CMS tool is so user friendly. It makes it so much more fun to be a marketing person because anytime I think of something to change, I can implement it on the website in minutes!"

Training and Customer Service

"Everything we bring up, Salsa is able to help us with. Had we gone anywhere else for our website, the process would not have been as smooth and it would have been a one-time deal with no ongoing support and no integration."

After launching the new Genesis website, Salsa trained the Genesis staff in website editing, linking with social media, and Google analytics.