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Global Zero Uses Salsa to Track Multiple Supporters, Languages and Countries


Photo: Global Zero / www.globalzero.org

Global Zero's mission of eliminating nuclear weapons across the globe meant they would need to reach supporters in the same fashion- across the globe. This meant they needed to evaluate their organizing technology to ensure they could:

  • Sustain engagement from their base of more than 500,000 supporters
  • Aggregate data for new multinational support base
  • Increase international communication for current and new supporters
  • Manage a variety of address types and unique characters within different languages found in communication and data

Strategy for Success

Global Zero was already using Salsa, but as their needs grew, they reached out to see how to better use the system to meet their objectives. By utilizing Salsa's communicationadvocacyand supporter management tools, Global Zero is now able to:

  • Track the progress of multiple campaigns in different geographic regions around the world
  • Engage supporters with a simple action- sign a petition, in a language they speak
  • Work with Salsa partner Cornershop Creative to create an appealing microsite in multiple languages for a European-based campaign to target a young, tech-savvy audience

Lessons Learned

  • The more you can target a campaign- both in message and delivery method-  to a specific audience, the more likely you will peak their interest and get them to take action
  • Meet supporters where they are- if you know they are using mobile technology to get their information, make sure your online presence is mobile-friendly
  • If you're catering to a largely international audience, consider translating materials into multiple languages.
  • Visuals make a big impact, both in gaining attention from supporters for your campaign and for presenting the results of your campaign to decision makers in a creative format