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Henry's Fork Foundation

After an HFF Board Member pushed for a software upgrade in 2010, many in the organization still did not see the need for change. Comfortable with the status quo, and resistant to newer, digital processes, internal discord arose between the change agents and resistors.

Henry’s Fork Foundation was at a crossroads. They had a member/donor base full of very affluent individuals with giving capacity, but the organization wasn’t worthy of their full support. Four poorly run annual events, chaotic member services, and a worn-out brand was hurting their chances of long-term sustainability and impact.


The Challenge:

Inefficient Events & Resistance to Change

As the donor software project lead, Brady’s biggest concern was finding a system that eliminated the importing and exporting of data for every event. He wanted a auction event management module that was fully integrated with the rest of the software.

Upon connecting with Salsa, and learning that Salsa CRM (Formerly DonorPro CRM) was the leader in integrated auction checkout, Brady’s decision was made. Soon, the dissenters inside HFF were forced out, and Brady’s team was able to set a vision for the future.

Brady said, “Let’s get our member service fixed, and systems in place. Then, let’s get our events to where they are impressive and can raise money, attract new members and tell a new story. Even better, let’s use these events as an opportunity to build strong relationships with our major donors and connect and recruit new people to the watershed.”

"Let’s use these events as an opportunity to build strong relationships with our major donors and connect and recruit new people to the watershed.”

The Solution:


The flexibility and customizability of Salsa has made all the difference for Henry’s Fork. Check-in and check-out efficiency at events improved significantly and soon their bottom line reflected their efforts.

As supporters' trust in Henry’s Fork Foundation increased, fundraising has skyrocketed. Their four annual events have grown by 300%, 60%, 600%, and 78%, respectively..

Online Fundraising

While events have spring-boarded growth and revived the brand's value proposition to donors, online fundraising has also become a steady revenue source.

In 2014, HFF partnered with the Salsa's web services team to build a brand new responsive design website, complete with membership, contact, and online donation forms.  They immediately raised $60,000 in their first year of online giving. 

Full Integration

With their database, payment processor and website working together seamlessly, Henry’s Fork Foundation has been able to rapidly scale their membership acquisition, donor recognition, and event management.

They’ve doubled their annual revenue and membership base in the last four years, and an increased budget has enabled them to attract and retain talented employees.