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Client Stories

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Hoffman Hospice

A small staff and time constraints couldn’t keep Hoffmann Hospice from record-setting fundraising performance and breaking ground on the first Kern County, CA hospice.

With their development department always on the go, Salsa CRM’s (Formerly DonorPro CRM) mobile/tablet accessibility made staying in touch easy. 


The Challenge:

Confusing Website | No Online Gifts

The challenges Hoffmann Hospice faces are akin to many cause-based organizations. Their small Development Department consists of only a Director of Development & Marketing and a Development Assistant/Marketer.

Staffing and time management were a challenge because along with trying to raise funds, 50% of their time was devoted to other job duties including referrals and marketing. In addition, Hoffmann Hospice’s capital campaign fund for the building of a new hospice meant that pledge fulfillment and communicating with donors would be a challenge.

Development Associate, Tamara Stickley, shared details below about Hoffmann Hospice's experience with Salsa...

The Solution:

Salsa CRM on the Go

"The key to our success in 2014 was being able to contact our donors on the go using Salsa CRM browser interface, manage our events using the event module, quick donation entry during our events, and cultivate our donors by integrating WealthEngine with the Salsa CRM cultivation tool. Since we were out of the office often, the browser interface allowed instant access to our donors' contact information and meant we could track donations from anywhere."

Event Management

"The event module allowed us to track attendees at our events and cultivate them afterward. One of our most successful events was our 'We Honor Veterans' pinning ceremony honoring World War II and Korean War Veterans. This and other events allowed us to increase donations to our organization and celebrate milestones in our patient’s lives by fulfilling bucket list wishes"

This, in turn, allowed them to help each patient have a 'peaceful passing' wherever they called home surrounded by their loved ones. After a patient passed, Salsa CRM allowed us to acknowledge memorial donations and cultivate thankful bereaved families to continue our mission of service."

Customer Care

"The Salsa staff was always able to be contacted and help with meeting our needs. One major need came during the holidays when we had to clean and update our database for mailing. Salsa's staff helped us create queries to identify and update contacts that helped us keep the integrity of the mailing pieces and respect of our donors.”