More than $130k raised in a single month to aid relief efforts and provide additional bomb shelters for kids during the crisis in Israel


The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem is a nonprofit Christian organization operating in 90 countries around the world aimed at generating support for aid projects in Israel. The USA branch works with churches and religious groups to provide educational programs, help displaced citizens transition back to living in Israel, fund bomb shelters in areas of crisis, and combat antisemitism across the globe.


Campaign Highlight

In early 2021, Hamas launched thousands of missiles over the border into Israel, often targeting religious buildings and schools where civilians and children are put in danger. ICEJ USA used Salsa’s email marketing tools to call attention to the crisis and Salsa’s fundraising forms to fund the construction of 15 bomb shelters that protected hundreds of children from incoming missiles.

On the advocacy side of things, ICEJ USA created a campaign in 2020 against the publishing of a new, antisemitic bible in Denmark which, for political reasons, removed key historic references to Israel. They used Salsa petitions, ran ads, and created donation forms to support the effort.

Between the two campaigns, ICEJ USA saw incredible responses, raising more than $130,000 in just one month, and doubling their email list to more than 200,000 supporters. They were also successful in bringing changes to the Bible.


Salsa Client Since 2019:

ICEJ USA has used Salsa since 2019, and recently transitioned to Salsa Engage for their fundraising and advocacy efforts. They have been particularly effective with CRM and digital marketing tools like email marketing automation and fundraising Forms. They’ve also branched out into Salsa’s advocacy tools with a new campaign using petitions and action alerts.


When crisis strikes and lives are at stake you need to act quickly. Salsa’s donation forms work really well. They’re as easy as possible to work with and they just look right. That allows us to be nimble and get the word out for immediate impact.

Daryl Hedding USA Deputy Director

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