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LiveYourDream.Org Uses Salsa to Establish and Grow New Online Volunteer Network


Challenges Like Yours

LiveYourDream.org was the brainchild of organizers at Soroptimist of the Americas, Intended to be an online volunteer network that would allow individuals from all walks of life to live their dreams while helping less fortunate women and girls, getting up and running was the first step. With extensive goals of a website and platform that could host any combination of options for supporters, they needed the right technology to help them:

  • Accept financial contributions
  • Coordinate volunteer activities
  • Allow supporters to participate in advocacy actions
  • Spread their message on social media

Strategy for Success

Once they chose and set up Salsa, the team at Live Your Dream was able to accomplish a variety of goals within their first year of operation, including:

  • Track all the moving pieces of their organization’s activities
  • Grow their support from an initial base of 3,000 to over 25,000
  • Raise upwards of $16,000
  • Gain 5,000 Facebook fans and 400 Twitter followers
  • Receiving the 2013 Salsa All Star Award for their success

Lessons Learned

  • A platform that is easy-to-use is crucial for a new organization, allowing organizers to focus on the mission, not on administrative tasks and technology.
  • Don’t be scared to shout your accomplishments from the rooftop, even if you are a young organization. Supporters want to know they are making change.
  • Strive to move supporters along the ladder of engagement. If they make a gift, ask them to do something else, like send an email or sign a petition, and continue to make the asks gradually more involved.
  • Look for strategic education wherever you can, and be willing to ask for help.