Michigan Humane uses A/B testing and dynamic ask arrays to double email open rates and optimize giving, helping them to continue placing thousands ofadoptable pets each year

About Michigan Humane

Michigan Humane was founded in 1877 and is the oldest and largest nonprofit animal welfare organization in the state. Each year, Michigan Humane achieves 100 percent adoption of more than 8,000 healthy and treatable animals through compassionate care, community engagement and advocacy for humane treatment. Their 260 employees serve Southeast Michigan, including Detroit, and also provide a state-wide response team.

At the start of the pandemic, Michigan Humane was able to place 400 animals in foster care in just over a week - ensuring that both animals and humans stayed safe! The organization also worked with under-served communities to provide over 1 million pounds of pet food to those in need.


Campaign Highlight

Michigan Humane's 2020 End-of-Year campaign was their most successful ever and helped them bring in more donors and high-dollar donors than ever before. They also nearly doubled email open rates from 5.34% in 2019 to 10.85% in 2020!

casestudy-michigan-humane-statDave Kim, Michigan Humane's Digital Marketing Manager, points to a number of things they did right that led to the success. They tested everything from email subject lines to whether to use a supporter's first name in an email. They found that subject lines which focused on the positive effects of pet adoption on the adoptive families resonated much more with their supporter base than those that focused on saving vulnerable animals. You will now see messaging throughout their website and other communications focusing on "creating families" and "finding the perfect match!"

In addition to running frequent A/B tests on email communications, Michigan Humane implemented Salsa's "Dynamic Ask Arrays" to optimize donations throughout their supporter base. Dynamic Ask Arrays allowed the organization to customize each supporter's "ask" based on customizable calculations using a number of variables, such as last gift amount and largest gift amount.


Salsa Client Since 2018:

Michigan Humane has been using Salsa’s tools since 2018, including email marketing, A/B testing, dynamic ask arrays, smart ask arrays and our CRM forms for volunteers and fundraising.


Implementing Salsa's Dynamic and Smart Ask Arrays led to more high-level gifts during our end-of-year campaign.

Dave Kim Digital Marketing Manager

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