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The National Physicians Alliance Identifies, Leverages Active Supporters with Salsa Scoring


Photo: NPA turned to Salsa’s scoring module to help them evaluate their supporters.

Challenges Like Yours

The National Physicians Alliance (NPA) represents more than 20,000 members across all medical specialties. Having already built a comprehensive database of supporters, they were looking for new ways to engage them in a meaningful way. To do this, they sought to:

  • Develop long-term relationships with supporters
  • Identify and track the actions supporters were taking
  • Identify and track supporters who were least engaged
  • Determine supporters who were most likely to make donations

Strategy for Success

NPA turned to Salsa’s scoring module to help them evaluate their supporters and streamline their actions into a single metric. In doing so, they were able to:

  • Find and further develop their super-activists
  • Target communications to specific segments of their database
  • Move supporters along the ladder of engagement
  • Recruit and cultivate new supporters

Lessons Learned

  • Use scoring to identify the interests of your audience and target the accordingly. Strive to only give them content that they will find useful or relevant.
  • By identifying those supporters who are most active, you can target your list to make more involved asks or higher donation requests.
  • On the contrary, by recognizing the more inactive supporters, you can target your list to make more simplistic requests, like a signing an online petition.
  • Setting up scoring takes an initial investment of thought and time but once it’s set, will provide ample opportunities for better targeting audiences, improving open rates and increasing action levels.