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Penang Adventist Hospital

The Penang Adventist Hospital in Penang, Malaysia is constantly recreating itself in the world of fundraising by organizing creative and challenging events with a focus on promoting healthy lifestyles. PAH is the brains behind famous Penang fundraising events including: “Skip a Meal 4 Charity”, “12 Hour Fast to Save a Heart”, “Cycle for Hearts”, “Selfie with Hearts”, and “Non-Stop Zumba”. 

Pulling off their massive awareness campaigns that culminate in engaging events is not easy, so Penang Adventist Hospital leverages Salsa (Formerly DonorPro) technology to help them track and manage all the constituents, forms, and reports. 


The Challenge:

Managing Multiple Types of Constituents

The fundraising team at Penang Adventist Hospital has a history of thinking outside the box and creating multi-faceted campaigns and events. Their success hinges on the ability to generate cause awareness, secure government and corporate support, and raise money. By integrating social media, personal relationships, and fundraising software, PAH is able to achieve their goal of being the most philanthropic hospital in Penang and beyond!

Running large-scale events is not, of course, without challenges. The two main challenges are coordinating with the government for public safety during the events and managing all the constituents, event details, and donations in an orderly fashion.

Planning the event and managing key constituents including donors, government officials, and corporate sponsors pose unique challenges. Everyone at PAH needs to be on the same page regarding communication and outreach with these target constituent groups. In addition, online forms are needed for event registrations and donations.

The Solution:

Using Salsa CRM for Events

The PAH team used Salsa CRM to prepare and track the progress of organizing the whole event. It enabled PAH to continuously be in contact with their donors and was used to retrieve contact details of donors from previous events to create appeal letters and SMS for the ‘Cycle for Hearts’. Most helpful was the ability to track registration fees, donation cards, and public donations, as well as tracking all of the volunteer activity for the event.

Digital Marketing

In a city of over 1.6 million residents, finding the right channels to reach the public is essential to success. PAH utilizes a combination of online new media and traditional offline methods to get the word out. For digital/online marketing, PAH leveraged Facebook to spread the word to over 4,000 followers. They also partnered with ad agencies who donated digital space on buildings around town for PAH to advertise their events.

Traditional Event Marketing

Crucial to the success of their city-wide events is collaboration with the government, corporations, community groups, and other NGOs. Not only do they provide sponsorships, logistics, volunteers and financial resources, but they spread the event news to their constituent groups. These key groups build awareness across the city of Penang, enabling PAH to reach new supporters for every event. Press releases and a large press conference are also central to their traditional marketing efforts.