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Salsa Provides Endangered Species Coalition with One-stop Solution for Online Organizing


The Challenge

In 2008, the Endangered Species Coalition realized that its existing database and customer relationship management (CRM) system didn’t have the power or features to meet the coalition’s growing demands and desire to increase their contact list. According to Mitch Merry, online organizer, the old system lacked scalability to handle large lists, had no integrated advocacy component, and no way to perform targeted email actions.

The Solution

The Endangered Species Coalition chose Salsa to be its new CRM platform. Combining database integration and list management with customer-facing capabilities provided the coalition with a one-stop package for integrating targeted actions, advocacy campaigns, and donations management.

“I use Salsa many hours every day,” Merry said. “Having a complete CRM that allows us to build and keep track of our lists and deploy targeted actions through email communications has been a huge benefit for us. We use Salsa for all of our interactions with anyone on our list — from board members to activists to donors.”

The Result

Significant List Growth

In the first year of using Salsa, Merry said the coalition grew its list size from 21,000 to 36,000 using Salsa’s action campaigns that include targeted email blast capabilities, web forms, social sharing features, and “share with a friend” capabilities. In addition, the coalition used Salsa’s email testing, such as A/B list splits, to increase response rates.

Streamlined Donations Management

Merry said he has used Salsa to build web pages for soliciting donations and is pleased with Salsa’s ability to manage the entire donations process. “And it’s all integrated into one system and one database, which makes communicating with donors easy,” Merry said.

Increased Productivity

Salsa’s open architecture allows third parties to develop applications, plus the coalition has been able to use a number of add-ons, including an efficient “click to call” feature that allows users to call any programmed number, for example, a political representative. The Coalition has also used a third-party application that customizes the content of letters, helping to save time and increase productivity.