Salud America! Expands Advocacy Efforts After Upgrading from Salsa Classic to Salsa Engage. Here's How!

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For more than a decade, Salud America at UT Health San Antonio has supported healthy changes to policies, systems, and environments where Latino children and families rightfully live, learn, work, and play. As new research & tools are uncovered that benefit Latino communities, Salud America! keeps their supporters updated and educated with Salsa Engage.

Salud America! has always been an advocacy-oriented organization. As their advocacy needs grew, however, Constant Contact’s limited features proved insufficient for running successful grassroots campaigns. With positive feedback from a partner organization using Salsa, Salud America! quickly moved forward with Salsa Classic. After two years on Salsa Classic, Salud America! upgraded to the new Salsa Engage platform, enabling them to significantly expand their multi-channel advocacy actions.

"We switched from Classic to Engage because it truly is a DIY platform. We are able to do everything ourselves and we do not need the help of a web person like we did when we used Salsa Classic," said Cliff Despres, Communication Director. Cliff is the manpower behind creating and managing their Engage assets and with the help of in-app instructions, he can easily sift through the back end for data, send emails and create specific actions without having to rely on support or reading through the knowledge center. "Creating petitions, sign up forms and even just the regular emails is really easy in Engage... way easier than in Classic! There are a lot of bells and whistles you are able to apply to your actions making them more interesting and attractive," Despres added.

Salud America! Continues to make their voices heard with the help of sign-up forms, petitions, emails, custom actions and much more to accelerate conversations and win victories for Latino kids, families and communities.

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