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SEIA Employs Salsa, Attentive.ly to Improve Media Outreach Efforts


There’s now enough solar energy installed in the U.S. to power 1.3 million American homes.

Challenges Like Yours

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) is the national trade association focused on the power behind solar energy in the United States. With a mission of building public awareness and understanding, it’s imperative for them to get their messages out into the media for general consumption. This meant they needed to:

  • Clean and re-create a usable media list
  • Manage their growing media list in one place
  • Determine interest areas and engagement levels of key media members
  • Choose key media members to target for specific pitches and action

Strategy for Success

With Salsa technology already in place for SEIA, it was time to put it to work for managing media. Using the Salsa platform in a unique way, along with its partner plug-ins, SEIA was able to:

  • Establish a double opt-in process for media members to join their list
  • Use supporter management tools to manage details about media member engagement and interests
  • Engage Attentive.ly tools within Salsa to determine Klout scores for media
  • Create communication outreach, based on media Klout scores, driving them to an interactive, virtual media event

Lessons Learned

  • A media list is about more than just outreach. Expanding coverage relies on getting to know media members and building relationships with them over time.
  • Strong content will only get you so far. To really succeed you have to be able to target the right audience member with the right messages.
  • Using tools you already have in way that may be less conventional can achieve great results with a little exploration and experimentation.
  • To engage media in an interactive, virtual environment requires some research to determine those who are most active in the social space, but properly approached, it’s worth the time and energy.