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About Smart Growth America

If you have ever walked down a beautiful, vibrant main street, taken public transportation to work, or made a quick trip to the grocery store and back, you’ve experienced what a smart growth approach to urban development can do. Smart Growth America is a national advocacy non-profit dedicated to helping communities across the country create great, walkable neighborhoods. A smart growth approach supports thriving businesses and jobs, provides more options for how people get around, and makes it more affordable to live near work, the grocery store and other important living essentials. The organization uses Salsa’s platform to bring that worthwhile mission to supporters across the country.

Community Development

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The Challenge

Promote Issues | Educate Supporters

Public policy shapes development in a number of ways. State and federal legislators make decisions about things like transportation or infrastructure spending, and development tax incentives and loan programs. Local leaders make choices about things like zoning codes, street design, and budgets for downtown. At each of these decision points, leaders have an opportunity to grow in ways that support long-term economic prosperity or hurt it.


- Alex Dodds | Communications Director

The Results


A Platform for Organizing

"As a national organization that advocates and educates on so many different levels, we needed an online platform to organize, and we got that with Salsa."

- Alex Dodds | Communications Director


"I basically eat Salsa for breakfast I use it so often. It’s a really well-integrated way to interact with our supporters."

- Alex Dodds | Communications Director

Part of Our Communication

"Salsa has become a really wonderful integrated part of our communication."

- Alex Dodds | Communications Director

Engage with Supporters

"Our grassroots supporters are a key part of our advocacy work. Salsa is what enables us to engage their support."

- Alex Dodds | Communications Director

The Bottom Line

"It connects our individual supporters to their interests through email blasts, event registrations, advocacy actions, donations– everything we can we tie back to Salsa. The Salsa tab is always open in my browser. We are growing, and that is exciting." - Alex Dodds

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