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Westchester Children's Association

In 2011, WCA’s board and staff started their Centennial Capital Campaign with very little experience in large-scale fundraising. Over the last four years, the organization has transformed into an efficient, growth-oriented operation that is laser focused on advocating for change for underprivileged children.

As their campaign grew in size and scope, WCA realized that they needed a new donor software system that would scale as they expanded. After analyzing eTapestry and GiftWorks, WCA chose Salsa CRM (Formerly DonorPro CRM) and by 2012, they were up and running.


The Challenge:

Limited Fundraising Staff

The most important thing to know about WCA is that they change systems in order to change lives. Their financial independence from government and their success in building advocacy coalitions translates into serious influence on public policies in both the county and state.

But, this independence from government means that fundraising falls on the shoulders of the seven-person staff at WCA. As they began their five-year Centennial Campaign in 2011, they did so with limited staff and a lofty goal of raising $6.5 Million. 

Their lean staff prides itself on their prudent use of resources, which is reflected in their efficient use of Salsa CRM.

Executive Director, Cora Greenberg said of Salsa,

"After switching midstream from a sub-optimal database to Salsa CRM, we were quick to discover its ability to save us time and money. Two features we find particularly efficient and that we use every day are Quick Donation Entry and the Online Donation Form."

The Solution:

Ease of Use

"It took our brand new staff member very little time to learn the Salsa system and become adept at getting the most from its functionality.

While it was definitely a risky move to switch database software in the middle of the largest campaign we’d ever undertaken, Salsa's advanced technology and ease of use made the transition (almost!) pain free.”


"The Online Donation Form is fast. Once we get the email alerting us that someone has made a website donation, it takes just a couple of minutes and a few mouse clicks to process. The thank-you is ready in a flash and the staff member can move on to another task.

The Quick Donation Entry feature is similar, especially the “smart-search” feature. It narrows the possible choices for a given field, saving time and (most important) promoting accuracy."


"In 2014, WCA was a leader in the successful campaign to raise the age of criminal responsibility in New York State to 18. Also, WCA and other advocates succeeded in gaining a 3% raise for children’s programs in the 2015 county budget."

WCA was also featured in niche regional media outlets targeting Hispanics, African Americans, business people, and high net worth