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Wild Forests and Fauna (WildFF) supports and develops place-based organizations, projects, and individuals that share a mission to protect and restore threatened forests and species. 

Born out of the recognition that many threated biological and cultural hotspots could be better protected if the economic needs of local people were addressed, The Future Leaders Program was developed in response to the local youth, who were eager to improve their communities and protect their landscapes but lacked resources and connections they needed to make significant change.



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The Challenge

Distrust | Lack of Effective & Intuitive Tools

We came to Salsa because we lacked an effective, intuitive email tool. A lot of email outreach I see from other organizations can look generic or like a sales pitch, and as a result I don’t trust their message. We needed a tool that communicated our authenticity.



- Ben Colvin | Executive Director

The Results


Increase Awareness

"Using Salsa has helped us increase awareness about the Future Leaders Program and share our stories with supporters."

- Ben Colvin | Executive Director

Unique & Custom Emails

"Salsa’s [email] templates allow us to create the look and feel that we’re going for. Our communications feel unique to us. It is easy to use, customizable, and has all the bells and whistles that we were looking for."

- Ben Colvin | Executive Director


"Since using Salsa, WildFF’s donor base and revenue have grown by 30%."

- Ben Colvin | Executive Director

Personalized Stories

"Salsa allows personalized storytelling which can attribute to our growth."

- Ben Colvin | Executive Director

The Bottom Line

With Salsa, we are better able to share our stories of finding solutions that help and engage people in forest protection or reforestation of the places that they are connected to.

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