DOUBLE THE DONATION: Improve Gift Matching Efforts Through Better Donor Engagement

September 24, 2021

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Eman Osagie

About Eman Osagie

Client Success Manager
Double The Donation

Eman Osagie has been a member of the Double the Donation team since 2019. As the Client Success Manager, she has helped thousands of nonprofit organizations best utilize Double the Donation and 360Match Pro’s features to incorporate matching gifts into their fundraising strategy.

Eman’s passionate about nonprofit organizations and works daily with nonprofits of all sizes helping them with tools/resources to maximize their revenue year over year. Her favorite nonprofits are and

She understands the importance of donors and a strategic fundraising plan for nonprofit organizations due to her five years of experience working and volunteering at nonprofit organizations of all sizes. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Rutgers University - New Brunswick. 

Episode Summary

In this episode of Tips with Salsa, we sit down with Eman Osagie, Client Success Manager from Double the Donation to discuss improving your gift matching programs through better donor engagement.

Learn how to grab some of the more than 4 billion dollars that are match eligible but don’t get claimed, and learn about how your organization can start its own corporate gift matching program.

About Double the Donation


There’s an unnecessary gap between fundraising organizations and corporate giving programs. We aim to close that gap.

We help nonprofit organizations and schools increase fundraising from corporate matching gift and employee volunteer grant programs. Our services make receiving matching gifts and volunteer grants quick and easy. With us as a fundraising partner, nonprofit organizations can focus on what’s truly important — serving their core missions.

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