Creating Great Experiences for Today's Event Attendees

June 4, 2021

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Ryan Costello

About Ryan Costello

Chief Strategy Officer/ Co-Founder

Ryan is the co-founder of Event Farm and currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer of MemberSuite (Event Farm’s parent company). With over 20+ years of experience as an events producer and experiential technologist, Ryan has helped some of the world’s largest brands and agencies including Nike, Google, Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, and dozens more execute thousands of event experiences. This past year, Ryan ushered in technologies that blazed new trails in the virtual events market. He also recently led the development of Event Farm’s Event Safety Toolkit as well as became a certified Pandemic Compliance Advisor to help ensure in real-life events come back as safely as possible. He’s a thought leader on events and engagement strategies for associations and corporations and regularly speaks at events on the topics. Ryan resides in Los Angeles and in his free time enjoys racing sailboats.

Episode Summary

In this episode, we talk with Ryan Costello, Chief Strategy Officer of MemberSuite and all-around event guru.  We chat about the changes that have occurred over the past year (the year of "unprecedented" everything), how much we are looking forward to attending our first in-person conference, and about what we have learned from a year of virtual-only events.  

Ryan will fill us in on what he has learned building The Echo, a virtual engagement platform designed to facilitate real-life human connections.  While The Echo allows users to build very cool virtual conference centers and meeting locations for their attendees - we also discuss moving back to in-person events - how to keep them safe and accommodate virtual attendees at the same time.

Join us to hear Ryan's take on what the future holds for event technology, how we will be creating great experiences for our attendees in the future, and how we will manage hybrid events where some attendees join virtually. 

Lots to think about - Join us to learn more!


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Event Farm is a toolset of event engagement applications designed to promote brands and engage targeted audiences at in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.

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