POND: Nonprofit Technology Education & Matchmaking

August 6, 2021

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Mitch Stein

About Mitch Stein

Co-Founder / CEO / Impact Officer

The Co-Founder, CEO & Chief Impact Officer of Pond - a reimagined marketplace for nonprofit tech where the right tools find you - and pay for your time. Our goal is to put the best tools in reach for any organization by lowering the biggest barriers to maximizing technology - limited time, money, expertise & trust.

I'm a fanatic about impact with a strong belief in the scalability of social entrepreneurship. I spent 7 years as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs, but over a year developing Pond has taught me that the business world has way more to learn from nonprofits than the other way around.

I'm a Board Member for the LGBT Center of NY and leading fundraiser for Cycle for the Cause, The Northeast AIDS Ride.

Episode Summary

Welcome back to a brand new episode of Tips with Salsa: talk tips and tales from the nonprofit community. On this episode of the podcast Salsa Marketing Director Wendy Levine sits down with Mitch Stein, Founder and CEO of Pond — an online marketplace and community for nonprofits to connect around technology and tech education.

At one point or another, nonprofit staff at every level will interact with technology and Mitch discusses ways organizations can be more proactive about technology and educating their employees on the tech that best meets their needs.

It’s a great episode on a topic that is ever-present in the day-to-day activities of most nonprofits, and we hope you enjoy it.

About Pond


Pond is a small tech startup with a big heart. We are relentlessly focused on alleviating two of the biggest stressors for nonprofit leaders:  how to find the right tools and how to pay for them. Pond turns the traditional seller-focused marketplace upside down by centering nonprofit needs, taking work off their plate and then (drum-roll please…) paying nonprofit leaders for their time ($100 for each new connection with a provider)! We are creating a more human-centered sales environment -- and both nonprofits and tech providers prefer our Pond to the Ocean.

To learn more about Pond: www.pond.com