Trends in Volunteering

May 7, 2021

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About Geng Wang

Civic Champs

Geng is a proven serial entrepreneur with multiple successful exits - in 2014 and Community Elf in 2016. Geng is also a former McKinsey Engagement Manager with an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Episode Summary

We talk to Geng Wang, Civic Champs CEO and serial entrepreneur, about how Civic Champs got started and what his vision is for the company.  Geng shares his thoughts on how volunteering was affected by the pandemic and where the future of volunteering will be.  We get into how volunteers can be encouraged to make micro donations - and also discuss how Civic Champs was chosen as  one of 10 companies chosen as a finalist for the Reimagine Charitable Giving challenge.   Join us to learn how Civic Champs is reimagining how organizations engage with their volunteers!

Civic Champs

About Civic Champs

Civic Champs is a technology company providing solutions for volunteer management to the nonprofit community.  They "believe that people who do good deserve good technology," and are proud of their Helping Hands program which connects volunteers with organizations.

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