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Nonprofit Software for Easy Online Engagement

Advanced Online Engagement: From Advocacy and Fundraising to Email and Social Sharing

Learn how Bikes for the World used Cosm to help send over 1,200 bicycles across the globe.

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Cosm Features

Build Creative, Effective Donation Forms

Craft unlimited donation forms to enhance your fundraising efforts. Brand one form to match your website or another to match a specific campaign or effort, then measure results and use the data to foster long-term, personal and valuable relationships with your donors.


Keep More of Your Donations

Fundraising is only effective if you actually receive the donations your supporters commit to give. Salsa makes sure your donations come straight to you, quickly, and without hassle.

When donors give your organization a gift, they expect you to receive it. All of it. Not whatever is left after a slew of fees. When you receive donations through the Salsa platform, you will not be charged any donation processing fees by us. (We wish we could say the same for credit card companies!)

Welcome Your Donors - Again and Again

Give your supporters options for how they give to your organization. For instance, encourage recurring gifts -- those valuable “sustainers” -- by offering recurring donation options.

You can also inspire users to give “in honor of” or “in memory of” a family member, friend or colleague. Salsa donation forms are flexible, versatile, and easy to create with these options and more.


Find and Engage More Donors Online

Quickly and effectively launch online fundraising campaigns that are easy to build and promote -- all through one powerful, user-friendly interface. And we’ll never charge you any donation processing fees!

Get a 360-degree view of a supporter’s engagement with your organization and see exactly where donations are coming from to gain insight into donor trends.

Individualize Emails for More Returning Donors

Want to kick your fundraising campaigns up a notch? Customize your asks based on supporter data collected and stored right in the Cosm interface.

Use Dynamic Content and QuickFill features in your email communications to not just personalize your messages but show your donors you know exactly who they are and what they’re doing.

QuickFill allows supporters to quickly, easily, and securely donate through an email link. Take the work out of completing a donation to capture more repeat donors and committed supporters. It’s as easy as click and give.


Enable Community Fundraising

Harness your supporters’ interest in your cause by inviting them to spread the word to family and friends through personalized donation pages.

Using branded templates, supporters can create their own fundraising page with personal stories to share via email, on social channels, and more. Your organization can leverage peer-to-peer fundraising to organically spread the word about your cause, foster meaningful relationships with supporters and their networks, and leverage those relationships to raise money and achieve your goals.


Give Your Advocates a Voice and Affect Policy

Quickly mobilize your advocates with Cosm. Salsa’s roots are in equipping nonprofits like yours with tools to facilitate rapid action and affect policy. Every aspect of your campaign is consolidated on the same platform, enabling you to mobilize supporters quickly and deeply impact the issues that matter most to your organization. Whether your theory of change starts with grassroots support, federal, state, or local legislators, news editors or some other influencer, Cosm can adapt to make it happen.

Build Support through Online Petitions

Quickly generate an online petition for your cause by choosing a template, creating a brief description, and voilà! New petition signers are added to your supporter database and email distribution groups, growing your community and furthering your impact.

Don’t stop there -- help your supporters get their voices and your message in print with tools to write letters to the editors of custom media outlets around the world.


Change the Game with Targeted Messages to Influencers

Become a game-changer when you send targeted messages directly to the hands (or inboxes) of decision makers at all levels - from local, state and federal offices, to custom recipients like CEOs and more.

And if you really want to apply some strategic pressure, customize your advocacy targeting further: send a custom “thank you” email to officials voting in favor of a particular amendment and a different “no thank you” message to non-sponsoring, non-responsive officials. The possibilities for igniting action and fueling change are endless!

Impress Attendees with Streamlined Forms

Increase attendance (and funds from ticketed events) by using a single platform to handle event registration and check-ins, payment processing (including discount codes), waitlists, pre-event emails and social media promotions.


Welcome Your Supporters as Hosts

Help your supporters build their own self-hosted local events through Cosm. You say “house party” or “meet up”; we say “distributed events.” The friend-to-friend power of distributed events will magnify your impact and build your supporter network while inspiring personal connections that make your cause more than another newsletter in the inbox.


Inspire Engagement with Segmentation

Targeting the right group of your supporters can be the difference between mediocre and stellar campaign results. Create custom groups of supporters or use Smart Groups to send the right message to the right people at the right time to foster deeper engagement.

Salsa’s scoring feature enables you to identify your most engaged supporters, measuring activity not only by how many, but by how recently actions were taken and pulling these details into a single metric you can use for ongoing analysis of supporter enthusiasm.

Save time and create efficiencies for your team with Salsa's fully-integrated, cloud-based system. Supporter management and donor tracking come together, meaning your donors’, followers’ and activists’ online activities are tracked in a single system. Now, it will take you minutes to pull together all the essential supporter information you need, including:

Foster Better Relationships

Foster a deeper relationship with each and every one of your supporters by keeping an accurate, cross-channel record of their activity with your organization -- from donations to advocacy actions to event attendance and more.

Create an in-depth profile of each person to help you understand and manage their relationship with your organization including complete, up-to-date contact information, donor history, and event attendance. Easily view, query and create individualized communications for better response rates.


Manage Chapters and Affiliates in One Place

When you have a network of chapters, you face the challenge of remotely managing a team, brand, and message. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Expand your outreach efforts, seamlessly empower your entire organization - including all chapters - and ensure consistent global branding to stay on message.


Share Information Across Chapters

Seamlessly distribute campaign messaging such as pages, email broadcasts and templates to local organizers. Groups, action pages, event information and your custom fields can also be shared across every chapter from a single, central, unified platform.

Streamline record keeping by sharing and managing supporter records from a single, central platform that keeps your database clean and updated. Individual records are created only once and can be managed to accommodate membership in multiple chapters; even when a supporter moves from one chapter to another.

Control Chapter Access

Decide how much access to grant each chapter using the most relevant parameters for your organization — geographic location, program types, issue, etc. Allow each chapter to access their own data as well as shared, syndicated content, or expand what they see to include other chapters, at higher or lower levels, and group tiers of chapters for easier reporting.

Gain Performance Insight through Built-in Reports

Knowledge truly is power. The more you know about your supporters, their actions, and your campaign performance, the better you can optimize your plans for the future. Take control of your data through robust custom reporting to link supporters, actions, events and donations and build relationships in a way you never thought possible.

With a deep understanding of how to best track nonprofit campaign performance, Cosm offers tons of built-in standard reporting for list growth, donations, actions, and much more. We know the industry inside and out, which means we can anticipate your needs and give you the data and insights critical to making meaningful decisions right out of the box.

Build Your Own Reports - From Scratch

Gain deep, meaningful, and actionable insights into your campaigns’ performance with Cosm’s custom reporting, a flexible framework to analyze each and every campaign with your specific goals in mind. Using all data available in your supporter database, your team can better understand trends and make improvements on an ongoing basis for better results.

Share Results with Automated Exports

Need to provide weekly reports to the Board? Want to check on revenue or action volume each morning? Schedule automatic email delivery of reports in your preferred format so you'll never forget to check them again! You’ll have the data you need to make smart decisions right at your fingertips, no reminders needed.

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  • Online Donations, Email and Social Communications

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    Online Donations, Email and Social Communications, plus Advocacy

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    Build Branded Online Donation Pages
    Manage Supporter/Contact Information
    Organize Emails, Activity, and Contacts All in One Place
    Add Unlimited Account Managers
    Process Funds with No Added Fees
    Conduct Social Outreach
    Target Legislators and Decision Makers with Advocacy Pages
    Organize and Manage Events
    Coordinate Chapters/Affiliates
    Fully Customize Layouts and Design of Online Content
    Monitor Performance with Customizable Reports
    Open API
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  • Online Fundraising

    Using Salsa, you can collect funds online (with no added fees from us), send automated receipts, and measure results. Use our built-in communication tools to follow up and forge lasting relationships with your donors.

    Collect online donations with pages created through help from Solis’ guided set-up.

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    Enhance your fundraising efforts with fully customizable donation pages. Additional fundraising options with Cosm include storefronts, event fee pages, and peer-to-peer campaigns.

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    Email Outreach

    Send unlimited email messages, test your content (A/B testing), then monitor click and open statistics to see what best resonates with your supporters.

    Connect with your supporters using built-in email layouts and list segmentation features.

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    Build your own email design or use Cosm’s template generator to create an optimized and personalized template. Supporter scoring, fully customizable list segmentation, and personal data are just some of the options Cosm offers to individualize your messages for increased supporter engagement.

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    Online Advocacy

    Unite your supporters to affect policy change with Salsa’s advocacy features.  Welcome petition comments, encourage message sharing, display results to decision-makers and let your collective voice be heard.

    Create standard petition pages with signature display and sharing features.

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    Elevate supporter engagement with petition pages, advocacy actions, and letter-to-the-editor pages. Automatic targeting based on zip codes makes it easy for your supporters to message federal, state, and local legislators, media contacts, or add your own custom contacts.

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    Online CRM

    Online organizing is not just about email and donations, it’s about connecting with your supporters. With Salsa, track donations, actions, and email responses to effectively build long-term relationships with your fans.

    Organize your supporters with built-in segmentation and custom field options.

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    Design how you collect, examine, and act on your supporter data. Build your own advanced scoring metrics to define your most dedicated supporters, or use features like Smart Groups to segment by interest and activity.

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    Reports & Analytics

    Salsa’s reports help you not just see your progress but also how to analyze your results. Achieve your mission by monitoring performance and discovering effective ways to improve your messaging and content.

    Monitor your top performing pages, fundraising, and list growth with Solis’ metrics dashboard.

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    Create your own reports with your preferred fields and metrics. Reports can be scheduled for regular export, making it easy for you to present up-to-the-minute results to your team.

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    Event Management

    Available with Cosm only. Provide supporters another way to connect with you through events (rallies, meet-ups, book signings). Manage registration and check-ins, payment processing (including discount codes), waitlists, pre-event emails and social media promotions through a single platform.Learn More

    Chapter Management

    Available with Cosm only. Our chapters features enable consistent organizational branding and messaging. Seamlessly collaborate across your entire network by providing varying levels of access to your organization’s chapters and affiliates.Learn More